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I would double check all the connections on the starter and check the connection on the battery, as ling as all those are good I would doiuble check to make sure that you used the right amount of shims for the starter. I once forgot to put them in and it wouldn't crank. My 94 cav, needed three. Hope this helps. You need to look very closely at both ends of each battery cables. If they are corroded, dirty,etc, replace them.Make sure you sand down surface they attach/ground to so remove any paint, film, etc. It sure sounds like a connection problem to me. Good luck.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-23 22:43:39
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Q: You have a 1995 Chevy Cavalier you replaced the starter now your prob is that it cranks like a low battery but battery is new now it wont even crank?
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1980 z28 starter cranks slow sometimes other times cranks good has new battery?

could be the starter or the solenoid, they arer pron to heating up especially when using headers, peace

Your engine does not crank when you turned on the engine but when you connect the solenoid to the battery the engine cranks?

Sounds like you might have a bad starter relay.

Why doesnt your 92 dodge dynasty start the engine cranks but will not start battery was replaced no success it will start with a spray of starter fluid down the carb but will die shortly after?

You may have a fuel problem, check the fuel filter and fuel pump.

Why is your 2010 Toyota Camry clicking when you try to start it?

If it cranks just fine once it gets going then, most likely, the starter has to be replaced.

1987 300zx stoped while driving will not start cranks a little then starter hiss no engine crank starter replaced same problem?

you might have blow out a head or over headed the engine

Turn key nothing but only now and then eventually it cranks 91 Camry?

Weak battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Bad ignition switch? Bad neutral or clutch safety switch? Bad starter? Bad starter solenoid?

2006 Chevrolet Colorado cranks but won't start some times?

Have you checked the air filter? Fresh Gas? Battery amps?Does the starter spin and not engage? If so it is your starter solenoid.

If a 1995 Subaru Impreza sometimes starts and sometimes doesn't It is not the battery was told it was possibly a starter interlocking relay Has anyone had this problem?

dude trust on this. its your starter motor, it happened to me once. it will just cranks and it feels like the battery is dying out but nope its your solenoid on your starter motor that is worn out. best of luck dude

Why dont i get full battery power from new battery the truck shows that the battery is like dead it cranks over really slow n it drains the battery and the cranking gets slower whats wrong?

Most likely the starter is "dragging" due to worn bushings. When the bushings wear, the starter will "drag" against the interior of the housing and barely spin, causing the battery to drain.

Can a battery that fails the storage capacity test keep an engine from starting - even when the engine still cranks?

No. If you have enough power for the engine to crank then it has enough power to run the other systems. ALSO..i've started a car with a good battery and replaced it with "unknown battery" and it has stalled the motor. Starter and everything was good. Technically, even if the battery is dead and all other systems are normal this shouldn't happen. Go figure.

I replaced my starter alternator and fuel pump in a 1992 Chevy c1500 5.7l v8 now it cranks but it shakes and backfires can anyone tell me what is wrong with it?

Check the timing.

You replaced the battery in your 1989 Volvo 760 Turbo and now it cranks but no start It ran fine before disconnecting the old battery any advice?

have the cables been checked. same happened to my 87 same problem found it was the orgnial cables needed to be replaced.

PLEASE Help 1991 jeep has spark and cranks but wont fire have replaced timing starter coil d-cap wires battery and filters has fuel pressure in the linerail but spark plugs are dry..ideas?

depending on what type of fuel delivery, check fuel injectors or tbi

Does a vehicle have an alternator and a starter?

Yes. The alternator is used to keep the battery charged, while using the headlights, radio, a/c, etc. The starter to me is misstated because it actually cranks the engine. The ignition system starts it, and keeps it running.

If a battery cranks well can it still be bad?

If the battery turns the engine over as it should then the battery is good.

Why wont your 2000 GMC Sierra start?

Starter won't crank over engine? Battery or battery connection issues. Starter cranks over engine but engine won't start? Being a GM product I would suspect fuel delivery problems (bad fuel pump).

What is wrong when you have a new battery engine cranks but will not turn over?

Your question is confusing. If the engine cranks it is turning over.

1980 z28 starter cranks slow some times?

Usually when hot? Could be a starter going bad

Bought new battery car will not start could this be a bad alternator?

If car cranks over and won't start it is not the starter, alternator or battery. Most likely the ignition wires or module, fuel delivery system or air intake meter.

What is the cog called on a motor that the starter slides into that cranks over?

A bendix.

1974 F-100 PU 390ci cranks fine cold runs fine after running will not crank has a new battery and cables?

buy a new starter motor yours is worn out

What if your 1995 Mercury Mystique stalled and stopped while driving Engine Cranks will not start again Battery Alternator and Starter are good What else would cause this?

check your timing belt

Diesel engine will not kick over but plenty of battery power?

if it wont crank the the starter is probally out but if it cranks and the motor doesnt turn either the belt is to loose or the engine is locked up

Why Engine cranks slowly?

If an engine is cranking slowly the first thing I would suspect is a weak battery. Remove both battery cables and clean both the cable connectors and the battery posts. Put a battery charger on the battery and charge it until if is fully charged. If the problem still persists, then suspect a starter going bad or the engine is slow in time. Remove the starter and have it tested at an auto parts store. If the starter checks OK, then you need to have the engine timing checked. If your Check Engine light is on, have the ECU scanned for a trouble code and go from there.

How come my 2001 Toyota corolla doesn't start on the first try?

Check your battery system. Have your starter checked along with the battery. Batteries are good for about 5 to 7 years for optimal performance. If you live in a cold climate, maybe get a battery with a higher amount of rated cold cranks.