Jeep Cherokee

You have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee a 15 amp fuse in the motor compartment keeps blowing out when the jeep is put in reverse after driving a few miles short somewhere any ideas?

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2008-09-27 20:59:31

What Fuse that controls what? Way too little info provided.

First i would check the wire from trans to make sure that it is not

arcing out it may have rubbed on something other than that check

the eaths. Check the reverse switch, and any wires leading to and

from the transmission that look as if they're possibly carrying

voltage. wiring harness behind the valve cover on a 4.0 is a very

common problem area for shorts. i am a master chrysler, jeep...

tech. i would bet real cash the problem is there. look at the

drivers side at the firewall. good luck! I AGREE: check

the engine compartment wiring harness- it may be chaffing on the

end of the fuel rail near the firewall. reinsulate the damaged wire

and zip tie the harness to the one above it.

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