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Your rotors may be out of balance. When my 2001 Silverado was not only 3 months off of the dealers lot I had this same problem that persisted for sometime. The dealer finally realized the problem and changed out both front rotors.

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Q: You have a 2001 Chevy Silverado when you push on the brake pedal it act like it is pulsating what is this from?
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Where is the brake light switch on a 2006 Chevy silverado 2500hd?

top of brake pedal

Where is the sig lite flasher on 92' Chevy Silverado?

The signal light flasher on a 1992 Chevy Silverado is under the dash. It is on the driver's side just above the brake pedal.

Where is the stop light relay on a 91 Chevy Silverado?

Think it's on the brake pedal close to the top

Where is the stop light relay for a 1988 Chevy silverado located?

It is located on the brake pedal arm under the dash.

Signs of bad rotors?

A pulsating brake pedal when brakes are applied,

1992 Chevy silverado and your emergency brake don't work and your brake light is on?

Pull the release handle for the e brake and then while its pulled out pull up on the pedal

97 Chevy Silverado Brake lights do not turn off.... Please Advise?

Check the brake light switch. It should be mounted on the upper part of the brake pedal or the brake pedal frame. If the brake lights go off when you unplug it you have a stuck or shorted switch.

How can you tell if your dodge shadow has abs?

Get some speed up, then brake hard. If you feel the brake pedal pulsating you have ABS:

How to fix brake lights that stay on on a 1992 Chevy silverado truck?

Bad stop light switch? Located at the upper end of the brake pedal under dash area

What causes the left rear brake on a 1994 Chevy silverado to stick after releasing the brake pedal?

most likely a clog in the line or wheel cylinder or maybe a broke spring

Where is the brake switch located on a 97 Chevy silverado?

under the dash at the arm for the pedal its more than likely black & white

Where is the best place to tie in the brake switch wire from the electric brake controller on the brake switch on a 96 Chevy 1500 silverado?

The wire you are looking for is a white wire in the bundle that is closest to the brake pedal. Use a test light or meter to check voltage going through the wire when the pedal is pressed.

Where is the brake light pedal switch on a 2004 Chevy Malibu?

the switch is on top back side of brake pedal.

1999 Chevy silverado brake lights don't work have replaced fuse and switch on pedal?

Check the bulbs,if not the bulbs you most likely have a bad ground.

Which fuse controls the cargo light on 2001 silverado?

The fuse controls for the cargo light on a 2001 Chevy Silverado are located in the fuse panel just beside the brake pedal. It is labeled on the cover and can be replaced by the owner.

Can you release the parking brake on a 2001 Chevy silverado 1500 hd if the cable has broken?

on the side of the brake assembly is a lever with a "u" at the bottom pull or pry it rearward-this will release the pedal (BE CAREFUL IT WILL RELEASE HARD)

Your brake lights will not go on you have changed bulbs and fuses1995 Chevy lumina?

brake light switch, it is typically located above the brake pedal somewhere on the brake pedal arm

1994 Chevy silverado all 3 brake lights and tail lights don't work but signals do?

if the tail lights work but not brake lights then its most likely just a blown fuse or it could be the switch at the top of your brake pedal arm.

Where is the location of the brake light switchon1997 Chevy blazer?

Directly above the brake pedal.

How do you change brake light switch in a 1996 Chevy silverado?

on the brake pedal under the dash there will be a king pin pull it out and remove the stud and the switch should come right out then dosconnect the wireing harness and replace switch

1996 Chevy silverado brake lights out checked the fuse and it is ok panel shows 10 amp for brakes and hazards Hazards lites do work?

Try changing the brake light switch (located on the brake pedal, by the steering column) under the dash.

1995 Chevy Tahoe brake lights not working any idea where the brake switch is?


Brake light and cruise don't work on Chevy Avalanche?

Check the brake light switch on the brake pedal

2004 Chevy cavalier brake lights wont shut off?

The brake light switch is broken or out of adjustment. The brake light switch is attached to the brake pedal lever above the brake pedal pad.

How do you change brake light switch on a 97 Chevy blazer?

Follow the below steps to replace the Brake Light Switch on Chevy Blazer:1) Open the Chevy Blazer's driverdoor, and move the driver's seat as far back as it will go. Lean under the dashboard with the flashlight, and shine the light on the brake pedal arm to locate the brake pedal switch.2) Unhook the brake pedal wiring pigtail from the Chevy's brake pedal switch by hand. Unbolt the old brake pedal switch from the mounting bracket using the box wrench set.3) Remove the old brake pedal switch by hand. Insert the replacement brake pedal switch into the brake pedal bracket. Bolt the switch in place with the box wrench set.4) Plug the brake wiring pigtail into the replacement brake pedal switch by hand. Readjust the driver's seat, and close the door. Hope this helps.