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autozone sells octane booster but some of that and fill your tank with the highest octane your local gas station sell and add in the octane booster.

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Q: You have a 2003 Ford Focus with 12k on it you just broght it used It seems to be burning oil It was sitting for a few months any ideas?
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sitting in the should turn it on

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Does warranty cover water leak in ford focus?

Ford are so confident of their build quality they cut the warranty to 12 months for water leaks and not 36 months that I had thought it would be

Why would my 2001 Ford Focus have a rubber burning smell coming out of the air vents when the car stops at stoplights at idle?

The first and easiest answer that comes to mind is that there is a problem with the cabin air circulating fan. BUT - - there is not really enuf specific information. Are you sure it is a burning RUBBER smell, or a burning PLASTIC smell, or a burning ELECTRICAL smell? All could point to different problems.

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How often should oil be changed on a 2003 ford focus?

The manufacturer recommends that you change the oil in your 2003 Ford focus of every 7500 miles, or every three months. Engines with a lot of miles on them should be changed more frequently.

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How often should one service their Ford Focus ST170 car?

The Ford Focus has roughly the same servicing needs as other automobiles. Most car manufacturers and auto repair shops will recommend servicing at least every 6 months or 10,000 miles.