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Run the vehicle with the radiator cap off, adding fluid as nessesary. also a product available from Advance Auto Parts is Water Wetter. it helps to lubricate and cool your engine.

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Q: You have a 92 lumina apv which overheats and you replaced water pump but now it runs hot at 210 degrees It was suggested that you need to bleed air from the cooling system How do you do that?
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The radiator fan does not come on when the engine temp goes above 210 degrees The cooling temp sensor cooling temp switch and one fan relay has been replaced. The fans do activate when the ac is on.?

== == Cooling fans are designed to start at 235 degrees

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My 89 Pontiac 6000 cooling fan will not come on though Fan is okay and temp sensor replaced and relays ok but fan works only when temp senor unplugged or air is on so what do I do?

Check the temperature at the radiator when hot Cooling fan is designed to come on only when:A/C Compressor is on (either during cooling or defrosting) orwhen coolant temperature exceeds 235 degrees Fahrenheit

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My dodge spirit runs well but cooling fan does not cycle on until temp gauge says three quarters replaced temp switch and coolant temp sender plus new thermo and rad and water pump no signs of overhet?

Test the temperature at the radiator--cooling fan is designed to come on when temperature is 235 degrees

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Usually between 220 and 230 degrees.

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Approx 195 degrees. Cooling fans usually come on around 210-215 degrees

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What is the normal operating temperature for the cooling system on a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

180 degrees to 190 degrees depending on what thermostat you use

Cooling fan doesnt come on till 260 degrees?

may be a bad thermostat

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Usually 210-230 degrees F.

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How can you check the cooling fan sensor on a 1996 Saturn sSC2?

Cooling fan should come on when coolant temperature exceeds 235 degrees Fahrenheit or A/C or defroster are turned on

At what temperature does the cooling fan come on in my 2005 impala?

3.4 liter engine. lowspeed fan 217 degrees. high speed fan 230 degrees. 3.8 liter engine. lowspeed 212 degrees. high speed 221 degrees.

Why car radiator is too hot after driving what is the cause?

Need to know what to hot is. A typical cooling system will run at 200 degrees F (+ or - 5 degrees). This is normal.

What is the standard temp on 91 Mercury Capri?

usually 170 to 175 degrees on the stock cooling system

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