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check water pump and replace thermostat Your water pump isn

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Q: You have a 96 Cherokee sport heats up to about 230 every time you climb your driveway is this normal or should you start troubleshooting?
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What troubleshooting solutions should you try if your 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee has stalled due to deep water and will not fire?

is the vehicle petrol or diesel

What is normal gauge reading for thermostat in1994 grang cherokee jeep?

should be 195 to 210 normal operating temp

What engine temperature should a 2003 jeep Cherokee run?

Normal operating temperature should be approx. 210 degrees F.

What should you do when troubleshooting happens?

Troubleshooting is a process, not an event. Troubleshooting is the process of trying to identify the cause and solution to a problem, not a problem in itself.

You're troubleshooting a user's problem What is the first thing you should do when troubleshooting?

ascertain the user's priorities

How thick should a concrete driveway be?

two and a quarter inches is desired for driveway for most domestic vehicles

How long will your 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo last for?

Should last over 200,000 miles with normal maintenance.

How thick should a paved driveway be?


What unit should be used to measure the length of a driveway?

Meters but it depends on how big your driveway, so just do meters

In the Network plus troubleshooting model what should you always do right after you test the theory?

In the Network plus troubleshooting model what should you always do right after you test the theory?

98 grand Cherokee brake pads rub on rotors how do you fix?

A slight drag is normal and left and right should match. If drag is more than normal or not equal from side to side, replacing the calipers should correct that.

How much concrete do you need to encase electrical service in under a driveway?

The electrical is down at 36". It should not affect your driveway.

Can river rock be used for paving a driveway?

River rock should not be used for paving a driveway. Due to its smooth surface it is not stable enough, it will shift which makes it a poor choice for a driveway.

Where is cylinder 2 on 2007 Jeep Cherokee?

If it is like most american cars it should be the front passenger cylinder if it's a normal setup.

How think should your gravel driveway be?

6 inches is average...

Difference between maintenance and troubleshooting?

The difference between maintenance and troubleshooting is that maintenance means to look after something so that it stays in good condition while troubleshooting is trying to figure out why something is not working as it should.

How much should you get for shoveling snow?

1 car driveway $5, 2 car driveway $15, 3 car driveway $25, also depends on the depth of the snow. the deeper the snow is, the higher the price.

Who is responsible when backing out of your own private driveway and hit a car parked in front of and obstructing the driveway?

It is the person who is blocking the private driveway's fault because they should have known not to park in front of a private driveway in the first place. However, if the private driveway is not marked with a sign of some sort to let people know that it is private, it may be the driveway owner's fault.

What other years of Jeep Cherokee driver's side seat will fit on a 1998 Jeep Cherokee?

1985-1996 Jeep Cherokee XJ should interchange 1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ should interchange

Will an 2001 leaf spring of a Jeep Cherokee sport fit a 97 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Jeep Cherokee XJ 1984-1996 should interchange Jeep Cherokee XJ 1997-2001 should interchange

How wide should a gravel driveway be?

8 to 10'. Wider in the corners.

What should you do if you seal your driveway and it rains?

Watch the water run off

Why should network cables always be labeled?

to save troubleshooting time

How much should you charge to shovel a driveway?

Price by size of driveway, amount of snow, and how many people you are. Do not price too high or too low either.

When reversing out driveway at night hit a car parked opposite driveway obscuring driveway and no lights on and no street lights?

You have no claim against the other car's owner ! It's up to you to make sure your way is clear when reversing. If the lighting was that bad, you should have had someone guide you out of the driveway. The lesson to learn is - reverse into your driveway - then you'll never need to reverse onto the road !