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I'd guess that it's probably low fuel pressure/volume, caused by either a marginal fuel pump or more likely a partially blocked fuel filter.

2011-09-14 08:34:07
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What did Abraham Lincoln do before the civil war?

He was elected!!! And unfortunately this caused the war itself.

Why would a computer keep restarting itself everytime it starts up?


Everytime you enter a value into a cell in the worksheet excel automatically?

It recaculates itself.

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Barely itself.

Who said A house divided against itself cannot stand?

The original quote is from the Gospel of St. Mark: "If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand." It was borrowed by Abraham Lincoln.

How does a whale protect itself from enemies?

with it's huge body barely anyone dears to attack

Lincoln said a what divided against itself can't stand.?

A house. A house divided amongst itself can't stand

What was the conflict Abraham Lincoln was referring to when he spoke of a divided house in 1858?

During the Lincoln-Douglas debates in 1858, Lincoln used the "House divided against itself" statement as a reference to the issue of slavery. Lincoln was saying in effect that as long as the nation was fighting over the slavery issue, it would cause great harm to itself.

Who said A house divided upon itself cannot stand?

abraham lincoln

Who said a house divided among itself cannot stand?

Abraham Lincoln

Which president said a house divided against itself cannot stand?

Abraham Lincoln.

In 1858 who said A house divided against itself cannot stand?

Abraham Lincoln

Did Abraham Lincoln State that A house divided against itself cannot stand?


Who was the politician who said a house divided against itself cannot stand?

Abraham lincoln

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Yes. Everytime I download it to my laptop with Vista my PC Shuts down to protect itself. What are my options?

What was Lincoln trying to say in the Lincoln Douglas debate?

Abraham Lincoln was debating Stephen Douglas who was a great orator and known for his ability to compromise. Lincoln was trying to say that sometimes you can't compromise. His words were, "A house divided against itself can not stand." The public wasn't ready to listen to Lincoln and Douglas won the debates.

A house divided against itself cannot stand When did Lincoln make a speech using this biblical quote?

In 1858, during the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Lincoln and Douglas were the Republican and Democrat candidates for the US Senate in Illinois in 1858. Lincoln lost to Douglas, but gained national attention.

Who delivered the speech with the following quote A house divided against itself cannot stand?

Abraham Lincoln

How did the new Confederacy seek to enlarge itself before President elect Lincoln took office in March of 1861?

Before President -elect Lincoln took office in March of 1861, the seven states that made up the new Confederacy knew it needed to enlarge itself. They sent emissaries to the other slave holding US states in order to convince them to secede. Their narrative was that with the Republicans in control of the government, remaining in the Union was suicidal. The outcome, they declared, was that the Republicans would create a bloody race war and end the Southern way of life.

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A Muscrat can burry itself before(About) to die. It can burry itself about 4 feet deep and 6 yards wide.

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beaches are formed anywhere where the ocean is in contact with the shore. Beaches form as waves deposit sand and other sediments and it collects and it rebuilds itself everytime a wave tides.

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It would be higher than the himayala mountain because everytime you fold a sheet of paper it will be double the size of itself.

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before time itself.

If the US is at war in 2008 will there be a presidential election?

Of course. The US was at war with itself and had an election (Abraham Lincoln won).

A house divided against itself can not stand?

Lincoln invoked this Biblical quotation to dramatise the threat to the cohesion of the USA.