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Your transmission may be low on Transmission Fluid.

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Q: You have an 87 tempo that on hard left turns it seems to go into neutral and revs up and you just replaced the PS axle and rear trans mount help?
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In the last couple of days your Ford Tempo will only start in neutral?

That is a neutral safety switch is bad i replaced that last month on mine had the same problem

Why is the heater in a 1992 Ford Tempo blowing smoke?

it's leaking coolant. Needs to be replaced.

Why would your 92 Tempo sometimes start and sometimes not It seems to be getting good spark?

Its the fuel pump

I replaced a solenoid on 96 ford tempo and it sparked when changing it now there's no power going to the ignition or interior lighting at all what happened?

1994 was the last year the Tempo was made. You blew a fuse.

What years did they make Ford Tempo?

The Ford Tempo was introduced as a 1984 model to replace the Ford Fairmont. Then it was replaced by the 1995 Contour. That's a production run of 10 years. (1984-1994).

Ford Tempo 1990 2.3 battery?

Group 58, 750 cold crank amps top mount posts.

Why would the amp light be on after changing the alternator battery and solenoid on a 1990 Ford Tempo?

I have the exact same pproblem with a 1988 tempo, replaced the alternator and battery, still the alternator only reads 5 volts when running. Can't figure it out, do you know of any websites that would have a diagram of the alternator for a tempo?

How do you replace the motor mount on a 1988 Ford Tempo?

Which mount? front, transmission, rear. Take a good look at it, and have some air tools. Just have to unbolt, but you really do need the air impact.

How do you replace motor mounts on a Ford Tempo?

Using a jack, keep the engine supported. One at a time, unbolt a motor mount, the engine may have to be raised slightly to remove the mount. Fit the new mount back into the hole and bolt in place.

How do you replace a neutral safety switch on a 1988 Ford Tempo?

Take off the old one and put a new one back in that spot.

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What is the tempo of dandansoy?

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How you fix a 96 Ford Tempo if the engine shakes when the car is in drive?

The car needs a tune-up, or the motor mount(s) are bad.

What can cause a 1993 Ford Tempo to not start occasionally?

We had this problem. It turned out that moisture had gotten into the distributor cap. Once we replaced it, the problem stopped! I had the same problem with my 93 Ford Tempo and after Sears had replaced the battery, they did not completely tighten down the ground cable. Ford could have put a better battery terminal on the car as well, as it was a bear to tighten down.

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Why does your Ford Tempo just clicks when you try to start it if its not the solenoid?

Loose or corroded battery cables Weak battery Bad starter Bad neutral switch

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Replaced all brake parts on 94 ford tempo power bled but still no brakes when engine is running?

Did you replace the master. It might be by passing.

How do you troubleshoot the car dying in reverse and at stops?

Have a 1990 Ford Tempo GL, The car dies when you put it into reverse or you come to a stop. have replaced plugs, wires, Idol sensor, and cleaned the injectors. Its still doing it. Have a 1990 Ford Tempo GL, The car dies when you put it into reverse or you come to a stop. have replaced plugs, wires, Idol sensor, and cleaned the injectors. Its still doing it.

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What is wrong when sometimes traveling over 20 mph your tempo shifts into neutral and transmission slips?

You probably have a slipping clutch band in your transmission. Take it to a transmission shop.

What is tempo of paruparong bukid?

Guys can i ask question what s answer in tempo of paru parong bukid

Is there a Fuel pump relay for a 1987 Ford Tempo gl?

it is ont the driver side strut mount it is 4 by 6 by 2 and has alot of wires going to it

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