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Hi. I recently had a problem similar to this on my Vectra, where all my display dropped to zero and the battery light glowed very brightly. I took it to a garage and they diagnosed a faulty alternator, Which wasn't cheap but I've not had any problems since.' *I have had just these same symptoms come on suddenly while driving an astra,mine turned out to be the battery failing with an internal short circuit.When I switched off it was all dead.If the vectra can start up and run after experiencing the loss of amps ,then the alternator is the most likely.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-25 09:29:17
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Q: You have an R reg vauxhall vectra 20 gls just done over 100k and the revmileageheater and petrol counter all drop to zero if you go above 2000 revs and the seatbelt light comes on and windows fail?
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