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I would suspect the valve seals are bad. This allows oil to run down the valve stem and enter the combustion chamber when the engine sits overnight. Unless the smoking and oil consumption is excessive, I would not have this repaired as of yet. Although the head does not have to be removed to facilitate repair, it will require valve cover removal, and can be expensive due to the labor cost.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-10 12:48:55
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Q: You have blue smoke when if startup the tbird after its been sitting for a while what makes this happen?
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Because the engine is a boxer type six with horizontal pistons, the oil will often drip into the cylinders. this often leads to white smoke on startup. If the smoke is minimal and only on start up after sitting for more than a day, not much to worry about.

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You have white smoke on start up loss of antifreeze milky oil but no smoke when engine is hot?

White smoke at startup, loss of anti freeze and milky oil indicates to me a bad head gasket.

Why does a fourwheeler smoke when you first start it?

Smoking on startup is generally due to worn valve guides or seals.

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Depends on when you see smoke, and what engine. The most common is smoke on startup indicating worn out valve seals. Other times are probably a deeper issue.

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White smoke = Blown Head Gasket or cracked head. Black Smoke = Overly rich fuel/air mixture. Blue smoke = Oil burning. Blue smoke at startup usually means worn valve seals.

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