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have had what replaced twice?

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When you have a dream in a dream that you cant breath what does that mean?

it means you had a nightmare. nothing else

What does it mean if you are passing blood clots in a dream?

it means you are having a nightmare and nothing else.

What changed Harriet's mind about escaping?

Nothing changed her mind. She did escape.

What would you change about the Articles of Confederation?

Absolutely nothing. There us nothing that need be changed. Why change something that doesn't need to be changed

What happen to Freddy Krueger?

Nothing..he lives on in a new Nightmare due for release in the near future

Why am I dreaming about my son being chased and someone trying to kill him?

You are having a nightmare, nothing more.

How has the chalk board changed over time?

The color has changed nothing else

How have the devils marbles changed over the years?

Nothing has changed to the devils marbles.

How is the pitch changed on a trombone?

The pitch is changed on a trombone by moving the slide or changing your ombisture.

How has gunpowder changed throughout the years?


What things have changed in modern Egypt?


What special rules have changed in Archery?


How have rules changed in the sport of football?

the rules of nothing have never changed and will change never until they change or they will never change . nothing will never change but be changed.KEEP READING THIS WILL LEAD TO NOTHING , BUT CAN'T, BUT WILL CHANGE

Will there be a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2?

No, but they are thinking of doing A Nightmare On Elm Street 2. Only it won't have Jesse it will be about where Nancy and her friends are now in college, and again they are haunted by Freddy. But nothing is official.

Things that should not be changed in America?

nothing should be changed because America is an awesome state

Have the whale shark changed over time?

They havent really changed because nothing has happen to them.

Is red dead redemption undead nightmare a good game to get?

yes, it is a game where there is never nothing to do and it is impossible not to get bored of it :)

What do you do after you save all the towns red dead redemption undead nightmare?

nothing the town will become zombie infested

How has transport changed over 50 years?


What happens to a product if the factors are changed?

Nothing happens.

What are some things that changed in ancient Rome?


What did the railroads changes in the late 1800s?

It changed nothing.

How has the iPhone changed since it was first invented?

Nothing! because it is so new it has not been changed (yet!!!)

Does changing your password on PlayStation 3 delete game data?

No I changed my password and nothing else changed

What changed about Pluto in 2006?

Nothing changed about Pluto, but the IAU reclassified Pluto that year as a dwarf planet.