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If you feel that you won't be able to stop yourself (which would be the case with an eating disorder) you need to go talk to your guardian or a school counselor. There are ways you can get help, and the sooner you go through with it the easier it will be.

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Is rapide 60 from France a scam?

totally, have used for one month and have not lost even one pound!

What does lost a pound found a penny mean?

It means you have lost a pound of money and found only a penny.

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Energy will be lost, mainly through friction.Energy will be lost, mainly through friction.Energy will be lost, mainly through friction.Energy will be lost, mainly through friction.

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Americans lost roughly 186 000 (Land, Air, Sea) Vs. the Germans Canada Lost roughly 45 000 Considering the U.S. is 10 times greater. Canada lost more pound for pound Vs. the Nazi's

How many caleries is one pound?

3500. Also, one pound lost is 4 sticks of butter

Can anorexia cause rotting teeth?

I believe so but i not entirely sure but bulimia (another eating disorder) can cause the lost of teeth.

How much do libraries charge for a lost book?

10 pound

How much pound did Tina lost in all if Tina has been dieting for a total of 13 weeks and she lost 3 pounds on the first week then gained a pound on the second week afterwords she lost 2 pounds a week?

24 pounds.

Is josh peck dead?

No. Although there have been rumors that he has died from bulimia, this is not true. He has lost weight, but it looks as though he has done it in a healthy manor.

How much weight can you lose eating fruit for a month?

i did that and i lost 60 pounds in 1 month it was awesome u should try it. i did that and i lost 60 pounds in 1 month it was awesome u should try it.

Who lost a 50 pound bet on outcome of the revolutionary war?


How many pounds lost based off of how many calories burned?

One pound = 3500 calories. Decreasing calories by 500 per day for a week = 3500 calories lost or 1 pound.

What month was the lost hero published?

October 2010.

How much weight can be lost in one month with jaw wiring?

My jaw has been wired for a month and I lost 27 lbs. I still have 2 more weeks to go.

What part of speech is pound?

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How many ponds of ethylene to make a pound of polyethylene?

When completely reacted, one pound of ethylene will make one pound of polyethylene, because no atoms are lost or gained in the reaction.

You are 15 and you just lost 8lbs in a month is that healthy?

That depends on your present weight and how you lost the weight, if you lost it by not eating properly that is not healthy.

Does bulimia work?

Bulimia is a dangerous and often deadly eating disorder. Though is may result in temporary weight loss, it is very unhealthy and comes with many dangerous and destrutcive mental and physical side effects. It does work i have lost 20 pounds and can eat all i want

What clinical testing has the hCG weight loss program undergone?

Hcg has gone threw alot of testing just to make sure it works and your not getting ripped of when you do buy it it does work well i lost 35 pound in a month.

How is heat lost through water?

Heat is lost by all things through convection, conduction and radiation.

If i lost 55 calories how much did i lose in weight?

* yes about 5 pounds This is wrong. There are 3500 calories in a pound. You must "lose" 3500 calories through diet or exercise to lose 1 pound. It would take a reduction of 17,500 calories to lose 5 pounds.

What is the most weight lost in a month?

10 pounds is healthy.

What does a lost cat look like after one month?