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The popular answer is to bring your VIN# and proof of ownership to the dealer and they can make you a key. Unfortunately, this is not the case. GM does not keep key code records for vehicles over 10 years old, so in the case of the 1998, they cannot help. The only solutions are:

(1) - Call a locksmith and prepare to pay. Most start at $120 for this service, but they usually charge more.

(2) - Replace the key cyllinder. You can get a replacement at a parts store, with new keys. The problem is, if you don't have the old key, you will have to disassemble the steering column and remove the steering wheel to do this. If you have an air bag, this could cause the airbag to deploy and cost you about $3000 to replace. This makes option (1) above not seem so expensive after all.


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