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Yes, late fees indicate that payments were not made on time, which renders the original agreement invalid and allows the lender to repossess the vehicle if they so choose.

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Q: You have paid your car payments but have late fees can they repossess the car?
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Is it legal for the finance company to repossess your car for late fees even though the loan is paid in full?

Yes, the loan is not paid in full if there are unpaid lates fees

When do late fees become illegal?

I don't think they ever do. A business can keep adding late fees until the bill is paid.

Are late fees paid by a tenant considered income?


How long paid delinquencies remain on your credit?

A delinquency usually refers to an account with late payments. The late payments report on the account for 7 years.

If a car is in your name as the primary but your cosigner has been making payment for the last year and many of those payments have been paid late can you legally take that car from the cosigner?

Since the cosigners isn't paying, unless you start paying instead, and catch up on all late payments, the dealer or the bank will repossess the vehicle shortly anyway, so your question is moot.

Can a person in Texas repossess a car if she is making payments but is not on the car title and feels that she has already paid enough into the car?

Sure, you just lose the car.

What if your mother passed away in New York do you continue to pay the mortgages before the will goes through probate?

You should discuss this situation with the attorney who is handling the estate. If the payments aren't paid the mortgage will go into default and there will be resulting late fees and, possibly, legal fees.

Can unpaid late fees be reported on credit report even after loan is paid off?

They are allowed to add late fees to balance-meaning if they are unpaid it's not paid off. And even when everything is paid off, the credit report will reflect that a loan and late fee charges were reported, paid, and then updated to show a zero balance. This information will stay on your credit report for seven years.

What are deferred payments?

Putting off payments until the end of a loan or to be paid over the course of the remainder of the loan. This will not effect the balance of the loan but there may be fees for not paying on time.

Are late fees paid and then the regular charges?

When receiving payments, most lender agreements ("Terms and Conditions") specifically state that fees are the first to be paid from any payment unless there is a clause which allows the payer to dictates how the payment is to be applied to their account.Credit cards, personal loans and other unsecured installment loans always apply a payment to the fees first (for revolving credit, the late fee is always added to the computed minimum payment to be sure that the lender is appropriately compensated for risky actions made by the borrower).

Repossession of kitchen cabinets?

There are some companies that will repossess kitchen cabinets if they are not paid for. If the cabinets are not paid for then the company can either repossess or take the owner to court.

Do I have the right to repossess equipment that wasn't paid as agreed?


Does Capital One offer a Visa card without interest?

Capital One offers pre-paid Visa cards that you are able to load money on yourself and then make payments. The beauty of this is that you do not have interest, and if you don't make a payment on time, you do not have late fees.

Car not paid for but i have car title?

You have the title, but I bet on that title the lender you own money to is listed as the lien holder. He can repossess the car at any time if you miss payments. Having the title means nothing.You have the title, but I bet on that title the lender you own money to is listed as the lien holder. He can repossess the car at any time if you miss payments. Having the title means nothing.

Can a finance company repossess a car if more than half has been paid?

They can repossess with any amount owed if unpaid.

Fees paid to governments?

fees to the governments

Can I get free help from a tax attorney?

You can usually get a free consultation which will be about 30 minutes of time with any attorney. After that, you can ask if fees can be paid from the settlement or in payments.

Can they repo a car once you have paid up to date but still owe 7000?

If you are up to date with your repayments then the finance company are unable to repossess your vehicle. If you have defaulted on your payments then they are able to repossess the car, the number of missed repayments which qualifies for repossession will be stipulated on the agreement you signed when you first purchased the vehicle.

What does insufficient number of accounts paid as agreed mean?

This means out of the total number of accounts you have, you have not paid on enough of them as agreed when you where issued the account. Example would be late payments.

Can a late fee be charged because another late fee was not paid?

Yes, a late fee can be charged on any outstanding debt. It doesn't matter where the debt came from, late fees and interest charges can continue to accumulate.

Can you repossess a motorcycle from your daughter in Texas after three missed payments but the title has been changed over to her estranged husband?


Can a auto loan company hold your title for unpaid late fees?

Yes, you will not receive your title until all fees are paid on the loan. I know for a fact because I am in the same situation.

What happens when car loan is paid off but late charges are due?

THEN THE LOAN IS NOT PAID OFF! All late charges, penalties are added to the principle amount and then the payments continue until all owed monies are paid. Penalties and repossession are still done at this point in the process

What can they do if you paid back the cash advance but they are charging late fees that are more than the amount borrowed and you don't pay those?


Can an auto mechanic keep your car until you have paid for the work that was done?

Yes. And, he can charge you storage and late payment fees on top of it.