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If you have power to the plug, and the relay is is replaced, did you check the GROUND?

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Why do your battery keep going down?

Dead cell in battery which means it must be replaced. Can also be some light in on that is pulling power from the battery. Can also be a relay that is stuck closed.

Why does your battery keep going down?

Dead cell in battery which means it must be replaced. Can also be some light in on that is pulling power from the battery. Can also be a relay that is stuck closed.

What is wrong if the starter won't do anything after you replaced the starter relay on an 1989 Mustang 4 cylinder that has a good battery and new alternator?

check your wiring,also check to see if theres power leaving the relay.

Why does battery keep losing charge in 1991Ford?

Dead cell in battery which means it must be replaced. Can also be some light in on that is pulling power from the battery. Can also be a relay that is stuck closed.

Why is your Toyota sequoia battery keeps losing power?

It is more than likely a dead cell in the battery. If this is the case the battery must be replaced. It can also be that a light on the vehicle somewhere is on pulling power from the battery. Can be under hood light, trunk light, glovebox light, courtesy light, or even the brake lights. Can also be that you have a relay that is stuck closed. This can be a Power Seat rely, power window relay, or any other relay vehicle.

1999 Chevy Tahoe limited and replace ignition switch and safety neutral switch and vehicle will not crank like it was in D and also replaced and checked starter relay and crank fuse tested starter?

tighten the nut from the starter to the solenoid

Where on a 2000 Ford Mustang gt is the fuel pump relay located?

The 2000 Ford Mustang fuel pump relay is located in the CCRM (Constant Control Relay Module). It is located inside the inner front left (passenger-side) fender. Please note, the CCRM also houses other relays such as the PCM power relay, fan, relay, ect. and thus on relay cannot be replaced... the entire assembly must be replaced if one of any of the relays go bad.

1999 Chevy Tahoe the blower fan stopped working all of a sudden 6 months early you replaced the onoff switch for lowmedhigh gm switch the fuse is good and I replaced blowerhelp?

On fire wall or on heater plenum there should be a relay, also the GEM a brain that controls many functions may be bad

What is the definition of differential relay and how does it function?

In power transformer, a differential relay is a relay that verifies the balance of current between the primary and the secondary face of a transformer. It is also employed in other components of the power system like in protecting cables. Differential relay is also called a unit protection.

What would cause a battery to drain on a 98 dodge caravan sport?

Dead cell in the battery which will require it to be replaced. Or, you may have a light on somewhere pulling power from the battery. Can also be a relay that is stuck.

Cannot get the headlights to work on a 1993 Nissan pickup replaced the switch and relay what is causing this problem?

i had the exact same problem and i also replaced the switch and relay. the problem was in the wiring right at the positive post on the battery. also had to clean up many of the fuse links as well.

You have already replaced the pcm but still am not getting power to the coils or the fuel system What is next?

Depending on the vehicle, you could have a alarm or security lockout happening. There is a relay in the circuit that is not allowing these items to operate. There also could be a wire broken (a short) that is not allowing the pcm to get power. You have not specified whether you are getting power to the pcm or not so you will have to get a meter or test light out and see if you are, and if the is not power there, then follow the wire or schematic and find the fault. Can you crank the engine? Have you check the relay for the fuel pump? Have you checked the power for the fuel pump relay?

Why is your 97 Tahoe grinding from rear brake area?

Ihad the same problem on my 1997 Tahoe last year and i just replaced the brakes and also the springs and the piece that pushes the pads out (i forgot the name of that part)

How do you find out if you have a bad relay fuse on your gsxf katana?

with a test light ensure you are getting power out from the switch, at the same time you should be getting power out of the relay . if your not getting power to the switch but you do from the fuse it can also be in the line.-then determine the cause or keep a spare relay

Where is the camshaft sensor located for 2000 Toyota RAV4?

I have a 2000 toyota rav4 it has no power going to the camshaft sensor or fuel pump I replaced efi relay and fuel pump relay all fuses are good I also tried a new ecm computer no differance not sure what to do next

Why will the fog lamps on a 2005 Colorado not come on fuse is good replaced the relay still no lamps?

Check the fog light switch and the wiring. Also check the ground wires. There is a power loss somewhere in the system.

Where is the door lock relay on a 1995 Chevy Tahoe?

Not any relays, there are actuators inside the doors that move the lock mechanism. Also your switch in the door, the fuse, and the wires.

Where is the turn signal relay located in a 2001 VW Golf and how do you determine which relay is for the turn signals?

I replaced my turn signal relay by changing the relay that also acts as the Hazard lights switch in my 2001 Jetta. Get a small flat screwdriver in there on either side to pry it out. About $25 at the dealer.

Where is the fuse for the horn relay 1998 Buick LeSabre?

there is a 15 amp fuse behind glove compartment on rh side. hard to get to. this fuse controls power to a relay under the hood on passenger side. there is a 60 amp fuse there also that supplies power to relay contacts and on to horn when relay energizes

Why is your Blinkers Not Working on your 1991 Plymouth Sundance?

All Bulbs were replaced. fuses all checked, relay switch new and flasher, Also when the relay switch is in it gets really hot. Any suggestions

Which fuse is the starter relay in the power distribution box for a 2002 Ford Explorer?

On a 2002 Ford Explorer - ( 4 door) in the power distribution box there is : in location # 12 - a red color 50 amp maxi cartridge fuse for the starter relay and ignition relay and in location # 56 is the starter relay (also in location # 58 is the ignition relay) (Helpfull)

Why would a Nissan 300zx not start without using starting fluid when the fuel pump has just been replaced?

It was probably not replaced right. Did you test it first? Also check the fuel pump relay.

Where is the starter relay for a 2001 Ford Explorer?

In the power distribution box in the engine compartment, the starter relay is in location # 6 for a 2001 Ford Explorer. Also in the power distribution box is a red color 50 amp maxi-fuse for the starter relay/ignition switch.

Why does the battery not hold a charge overnight. I have changed the alternator and replaced a new battery?

You have something on that is pulling power from the battery. Can be any light on the car. Dome, curtsey, under hood, trunk, glove box, etc. Can also be a relay that is stuck.

1992 Mighty Max won't turn over Replaced Ignition switch and starter and still doesn't turn over?

Check fuses and relays. If you have power coming from the ignition switch but not getting to the starter there might be a bad fuse or relay or wire. Also make sure you have the wiring correct to the starter since you just replaced it.

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