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Disc brake squeaking starts with high temperatures on the face of the pad and then it is magnified at the back of the pads where they contact the caliper. When you replaced the brake pads did you have the rotors machined? You should because the run-out on the rotors can be part of the problem. Also you have anti-rattle clips; were they installed correctly? If you did these correctly then try this: Remove the brake pads and on the back of the pads apply a couple of heavy beads of RTV silicone and let it set up for 20 minutes then install the pads; that should take care of the noise.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-08 02:20:43
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Q: You just replaced brake pads on a 2000 grand am an they are squeaking does any one know how to fix that problem?
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Why would the brake pedal itself squeak when depressed and released in a 2003 Grand Am?

The brake pedal has a hinge or pivot pin, give it a shot of lubricant,should stop squeaking.

Why does your 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo steering vibrate when you apply the brakes?

Warped brake rotors. This is a very common problem for the 1999-2004 Grand Cherokees. You will need to have your rotors replaced, or resurfaced. The best resurface method is with an on car brake lathe.

Why do my 1998 Pontiac grand am brakes flutter when i apply them?

Brake rotors or drums need to be machined or replaced. If it causes steering wheel shaking, check front brakes. If happens when applying parking brake look to rear brake problem.

Brake repair on a 1996 grand Cherokee Laredo jeep?


Your dodge grand caravan is making a squeaking noise where the belt is and it looks like the pulley closest to the oil pan is shaking what is wrong?

The pulley has probably gone bad. This is very common for Caravans. Try having the pulley replaced and see if that solves the problem.

What would be the cause of high pitched squeaking whistling sound in front right when driving in 2003 Grand Cherokee Limited V8 engine?

Sounds like a brake wear indicator. If it changes while braking then it is. Recommend a brake inspection.

Why do brake lights stay on on a 2004 grand caravan?

Problem with the brake switch, below the pedal. The mounting may have got bent keeping them on.

What would cause the brake lites on a 2001 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo not to work the upper lite works?

I had the same problem, all I did was replace the fitting that the bulb goes in with a new one ( $8.00 fix) and replaced the tail light and haven't had a problem since.

How do you replace the brake line on a grand am?

How do i replace brake lines on a 2000 grand am

Have 1997 grand Cherokee replaced the bulbs in the tail lites and everything works fine as soon as I put my foot on the brake the rear lites on the vic flash saying there is an issue?

Couple of things. Check the ground for the loom at the rear. If that is clean and tight I would suspect that the problem is in the brake light switch.

What would be causing a scrubbing noise in rear brakes when you already replaced brake pads in a 96 grand jeep Cherokee Laredo?

The brake pads might not be adjusted properly. The brake pads can be too tight and have contact with the rotors.

Emission control problem 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

catlytic converter is plugged and needs replaced

What brings brake warning light on in a 2001 Grand Am GT?

Usually it's low brake fluid or a problem with the abs. Check the brake fluid reservoir. Often the brake fluid will go down as the brake pads wear and the calipers has to travel further.

1991 Pontiac grand am stalls even after master cylinder replaced?

The brake master cylinder has nothing to do with the way the car runs. It certainly wouldn't cause it to stall.....Maybe the brake booster?

1997 grand Cherokee abs light stays on what may be the problem?

Mine simply needed brake fluid to fill it to the line indicated on the brake fliud container.

How do you determine if shims are necessary when replacing front brake pads on 1999 Suzuki Grand Vitari?

Usually they are just used to prevent brake noise (squeaking etc.) I was told that the shims should be used to set space tolerances between pads and rotor, if so, at what measurement? I have no idea!

Why is your 2000 grand prix serpentine belt shredding and squeaking?

Mine isn't squeaking. Yours is because your pulleys aren't aligned or because you are using an improper belt.

Why do the headlights go out occasionally while driving a 2001 Grand Prix?

Had the same problem with my Grand Prix, ended up that the ignition switch had to be replaced. Hope this helps.

What kind of brake fluid for 2002 grand am?

It is important to maintain the brake fluid levels in a car. The brake fluid type for a 2002 Grand AM is DOT 3 brake fluid.

What does it mean when the ABS light stays on in a 1999 Chevrolet Malibu?

check your abs plugs on the top of you master brake cylinder...i had the same problem on my 94 grand am and it turned out to be just a loose plug. check your abs plugs on the top of you master brake cylinder...i had the same problem on my 94 grand am and it turned out to be just a loose plug.

Why is there a squeaking noise when you make right turns in your 98 grand Cherokee?

Could be one of your belts.

Why does your 1997 grand jeep chorekee steering wheel shakes when I step on the brakes to hard?

You probably have warped brake rotors. You'll need to have them replaced or resurfaced.

2000 Chevy S10 pu brake lights wont work but third brake light works fine Bulbs replaced Blinkers work and main lights work you have looked for broken wires im at a loss please help?

We just had the same problem with a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix. It turned out to be the turn signal/hazzard switch. Good Luck!

Not sure if it is a problem with blower motor switch 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix air conditioning fan comes on intermintently.Already replaced ignition switch and pluged in new resistor and didn't help?

I had this problem with my 2002 Grand Prix where it would only work on high, and even then only worked sometimes. I had to have the whole unit replaced. It was around $400.

How do you get dash brake light off 2000 grand am?

You have to find and repair the problem. It may be as simple as low fluid, but it can also be more complicated.