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You know this girl from your maths class and you think you are friends but that's all you want to be so how do you become good friends with her i am 14 its not that you don't think she is gf material?


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November 02, 2007 6:26PM

well Im somewhat confused about you question, but it took me back to my middle school days. Either you like the girl, but you dont want anything more, anything less than friendship? If she acts like she likes you, but you dont like her, drop hints, like in partner groups get a new partner, or don't pay her your full attention during class time. Now if you like her and want to tell her. At that age, I would have loved a guy to made it all sweet the way Im going to tell you. you should start talking to her, make her laugh, tickle her, walk her to her class, etc. call her. blahhh then after about a week of this. write her a note, on a small note card saying " Tag. You're it." she probably won't get it but its still cute.