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Will you receive your full security deposit back?

security deposit from what? try asking again but more detailed

Can you charge first months rent last months rent and a security deposit in California?

Yes, I believe so. The security deposit is limited to 2 month's rent which is pretty much what you are asking about.

Can a CA Landlord ask for first and one and half times security deposit?

You can check with the Tenants Association in your city but that's not unusual. I'm surprised that they're not asking for first, last and the security deposit.

How can you get your security deposit back from your landlord in California?

Asking. Possibly with help from your Department of Housing. Small Claims Court.

Could you use your security deposit to pay last months rent in California?

The landlord may use the security deposit to compensate for unpaid rent. What you are asking is slightly different. You are asking if you can not pay the final month's rent on the date you promised. I believe the answer is no. At that point, you would be in breach of the lease. The best thing to do is ask the landlord for permission to do this. If he/she agrees, then you can.

How much of a cleaning/security deposit is typically required for cheap apartments?

As a general rule all apartments require at least $250 as a cleaning deposit, most apartments today are asking for one month's rent as deposit for cleaning, but for cheaper you can get this lesser amount.

If you are evicted from an apartment can the landlord keep rent for months paid in advance?

Your landloard can keep your Security Deposit, not advanced rent (such as last month's rent), for non-payment of rent or damages. An eviction alone doesn't automatically allow a landlord to keep all of your deposit. Now let's clarify what an eviction is: it's a court proceeding to remove you from your home. A landlord asking you to leave after a specific perios of time is not an eviction.

Can a person receiving disability benefits with direct deposit to the bank be levied?

If you are asking if the money from disability can be "garnished" like wages the answer is NO. Creditors can't attach social security disability income.

What is the average phone bill for a two bedroom apartment?

Now you are asking! It entirely depends on how talkative the inhabitants of that apartment are.

Can landlord take money away from your security deposit?

Not while he's holding the security deposit and the tenant is still living on the property. If your landlord finds that the tenant has damaged the home of landlord can give him the opportunity to fix it, sue the tenant for such damage - even if the tenant is still living on the property - or begin the eviction proceedings for violating the terms of the lease with the proper notice asking the tenant to vacate the premises. If the tenant moves out because of the violation, the landlord may keep all or part of the security deposit he is holding.

Is social security considered retirement?

Your question is confusing. Are you asking about receiving monthly Social Security checks? Or are you asking about Social Security Disability payments. They are two different types of Social Security Benefits.

I got a job offer in cyndrake and they r asking me to deposit rs 100000 is it safe?

NO, It is not safe to deposit this lump sum money to a private company.

How do you open the apartment door on Shrink Ray Island when shrinked?

By asking your mom for help

Can a landlord in California charge first last and security deposit?

landlords can charge you what ever they want (with out a lease) ... its your wellness to pay that sets the tone ...Answer:The person who wrote the above"answer" is clearly not informed about landlord tenant law. First, in California, everything you pay EXCEPT for the 1st month's rent is considered a deposit. It does not matter what it is called. It does not matter what is on the lease agreement. Anything over the 1st month's rent is a deposit. The maximum deposit the landlord can request is double the rent. So if he asks for first, last and a deposit, he is really asking for double the rent as a deposit. This is legal. However, if the rent is $2,000 and the landlord asks for first, last and a $4,000 deposit, that is illegal.

What does D mean on your statement?

It might mean deposit, though I recommend contacting your bank and asking them.

How do i rent an apartment with bad rental history?

You can rent an apartment with bad rental history by going to your town or county and asking for a list of apartments and houses that rent to low income people. These people typically don't have good rental history but the managers and owners will work with them. You can also apply anyway and may have to put down a larger deposit than someone with good rental credit and credit history.

How much would an eviction cost if you're trying to break your lease?

This is a good question. Breaking a lease generally means that you are moving out of the apartment before the lease ends. If you paid any rent in advance, such as the last month's rent, you may forfeit that and your security deposit. The specifics depend upon the terms of your lease and what you agreed upon at the time you signed it. Technically the landlord could sue you for loss of revenue during the time your apartment is vacant up to the time your lease would have expired (this rarely happens). But since you moved out of your apartment voluntarily there is no eviction. An eviction is a court proceeding in which your landlord is asking the judge to force you to move out of your home. This is generally for nonpayment of the rent or for serious or repeated violations of the lease terms.

What is allowed by the creditor when you apply for credit?

asking for your social security number

Is asking for Social Security number legal before you are hired?

Asking for Social Security number before you get hire is not illegal, but yes it may be be a bad practice. There might be possibility of identity theft, as these days it often happening.

Can alien resident over 65 receive social security from United States?

I just received an e-mail asking me to add my name to a list being sent to the President asking him not to give social security to illegal aliens. How can an illegal alien get social security? Wouldn't they have to prove they are a citizen?

Why security is important?

The question is not clear. Are you asking about day to day security or about Social Security. Please clarify your question, Assuming you are asking about Social Security, it is important for retirees who are no longer working or receiving wages. It is like them getting a monthly salary to use for rent, clothes, food or whatever they like. Not all Social Security receivers are needed. Even the President of the United States will receive benefits when he retires.

How long does macy's keep security camera footage?

That's probably a corporate secret. It can only be answered, if at all, by contacting their Security Department and asking.

Do you need Social Security tax taken out of your paycheck?

If you're asking whether paying social security tax is mandatory, the answer for most people is yes.

Can a landlord charge more for security deposit after we've cleaned and moved out?

Depends, if they can legally prove that you did the damage then yes. However if they are just asking for money and haven't provided a list of how your deposit was spent and why they need more then their just trying to scam you. They also have to request it within a certain amount of time. Generally 30 days how it may vary depending on your state. You can check using the link in the "sources and related links" down below. Its generally a good idea to take pictures before you leave an apartment and when you first get there. I would take care however, if the landlord is likely to cause problems during rental application check even if its not a legit charge.

When you get an application for a section 8 apartment what should you say?

Just ask for the application. The basis for qualification is determined there, not just in asking for the application.