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You recently purchased a 2001 Toyota Echo with 202000 miles The oil has been changed as recommended but you are uncertain as to the rest of the maintenance history What needs to be changed or replaced?

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September 16, 2007 3:49PM

oil filter, which would normally have been changed each time the

oil has been replaced. every 5000 - 10000Km (3000-6000M)

air filter should also have been done regularly. depending on

conditions of where the car has been driven, aprox. every 15000 -

20000Km (9000-12000M) , but check the owners manual to be


it is also a good practice to flush & replace the brake

fluid & clutch fluid every 50000 - 100000Km (30000-60000M)

some manufactures books recommend checking certain engine bolts,

& seat belt bolts to ensure they are still firm (occasionally,

i.e every 50 - 100thou Km)(30000-60000M)

brake pads would have been replaced at least 3 times (& of

course a few sets of tyres)

possible that CV joints may have needed replacing, but only if

they would have needed it.

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