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You saw spotting on 18 day after your period it is in brown color does it means you are pregnant?

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Most women ovulate 14 days BEFORE a period is due. If you mean you spotted 18 days after the END of your period this would be day 23 - 25 so it may be implantation bleeding, if 18 days after the START of your period it could be anything.

2006-07-30 08:15:36
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Q: You saw spotting on 18 day after your period it is in brown color does it means you are pregnant?
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You havent had a period in one and a half months and today when you wiped it was as though you had just ended your period Are you pregnant?

You could be. What you saw when you wiped could be spotting, which is light brown or pink in color and that happens during implantation.

What color is spotting?

Purple Well i just started spotting yesterday, and mine changes colors. It can be a redish pinkish color, or it can be brown. Its a sign that your gonna start your period. Hope this helps.

Your period is down but you only see blood when you wipe yourself?

Is the blood red or like a brownish color???? because if its brown you are spotting and its not your period

What color is spotting when your pregnant?

pinkish brownish color should only be a little bit if it's red and alot of blood mean your period came

What is spotting?

spotting (form my understanding) is when you bleed but not enough to be considered your period, like the end of your period when it is brown and just a little bitAnswerSpotting from what I know is when you have a little blood on toilet paper afer using the restroom never enough to use a pad. Color will can be diffrent colors depending on what spotting is from.

Does the color brown in period means pregnant?

I don't think so, it could be that you have a infection or a signal that your period is by to come

Test show not pregnant No period 2 weeks after and started spotting brown color Are you pregnant?

Possibly, yes. Even when used properly, not every hpt is 100% reliable. The brown spotting could be due to a pregnancy implanting itself in the womb, and the colour of the spotting could mean that the weight of the pregnancy is putting slight pressure on the cervix, dislodging any old blood that is laying around up there. Please visit someone who specialises in this area and get yourself a definitive answer.

My period was late i took a pregnancy test and it said not pregnant i am having brown discharge and have for about a month what is going on?

the brown discharge may be your period in a different color

Why smell a strong blood odor while spotting?

I have been trying really hard to get pregnant this past month and I have alot of concern. I have had a strong odor while urination for the whole month and now I have spotting before my period supposed to be here. What should I do ? I have cramping too and the color of the blood turning to brown.

Why there is mixture of brown color with red spots during the periods?

I have been told that brown spotting on your period is simply the clearing of the old blood from your vagina. This is especiallyy true if it occurs at the beginning or end of your period. I wouldn't worry.

Is brown spotting on 10th day of period normal?

Blood usually turns brown when it is old and dry. Mine usually start either extremely light pink or a brown color. But consult your gynecologist to be sure.

What color discharge do you get before your period?

Your discharge would be white before menstruation.You may also experience spotting so see brown or pink discharge.

If I Started period light pink and brown could you be pregnant?

start my first period 8/8/12 and it stop 8/14/12 and my period start up on 8/26/12 and my period is a pink brown color

What are the different colors of spotting or bleeding in a pregnant woman?

Any spotting or bleeding in pregnancy is abnormal so it doesn't matter what color it is.

If you are 2days late for your period and you started spotting a brownish color and this morning it was a pink and reddish brown color a little heavier you have had cramps all day could you be preg.?

Could be - yes. If you aren't sure, then take a test.Realistically however, if you have cramps, you probably are not pregnant. The color of blood also suggests that you are just getting a late start on your period. If it persists or you have other reasons to suspect you might be pregnant, then, by all means get checked out so that you can know for sure

What does it mean if your period is very late and you have dark brown spotting?

all it means is ur period is slowing down cause you have either had it for awhile and its being exposed to air so it turns a different color

You always have a brown color period on your first day then it is red the rest of your period but you have had 4 days of brown colored period which is not very heavy could you be pregnant?

Its impossible for you to have your period during a pregnancy , but there are cases that women have bleeding during pregnancy time , but that would only would be a few days, and brown blood means that you have misscarried if your pregnant so check with your doctor.

Could you be pregnant if your period only lasted 3 days and was a light flow and brownish red in color after 2 days and you got bleeding again but a light pink color?

If this was unusual for you it is possible that you are pregnant, but unlikely. An inplanttation bleed is usually only spotting. However if you 'feel' pregnant take a test.

Can you still ber pregnant if you get you period?

Yes! Some woman can have there period there whole pregnancy others have some spotting and some have no bleeding at all I would keep testing and or go to your OBGYN. you may not get a positive test right away because the HCG levels are not strong enough to read wait a couple more days and test again.

If my period is 2 week early and very light with pinkish brown color what does that mean?


How do you know your having implantation bleeding?

It usually occurs about 7-10 days before the time for your period. It's usually light - sometimes just a dot. For me it was actually a pinkish orange color, for some it's brown. I thought I was getting my period early, but the odd color made me wonder, and then it stopped in a couple of days. I had been pregnant before, and had implantation spotting AFTER my period was due. It wasn't a viable pregnancy and failed about 2 weeks later.

What does it mean if you are spotting?

Spotting is what happens when just a little of the menstrual blood comes out in the middle of your cycle(when you're not expecting a period at all) or it is a sign that your normal flow is about to begin. Spotting is usually light in color, and doesn't require a hefty sized napkin to clean up. But I am on birth control and I am actually expecting to be on my period and it is very light in color and only lasted for one day. is there something wrong? Am i pregnant? I shouldn't be, or is it not healthy for me to take this birth control anymore?

Could you be pregnant if you feel like you've started your period but it's brown in color and your period isn't supposed to start for another 2 weeks?

There could be a chance that you were ovulating at the time. The same thing happened to me. There still could be a chance that you are prego especailly if you had intercourse during that time. If the spotting only last a couple of days than that is what it could be.

Is it normal to get your period then not quite 15 days later have very very light spotting and then for it to go dark brown close to black in color the same day and stop?

It's not normal--but it could be implantation bleeding. In other words, you could be pregnant (assuming you've been having sex, of course).

What colour is spotting during pregnancy?

Spotting can be brown, pink, orange, bright red, dark red, and/or black. It really depends on the reason for the spotting. If you are having spotting of any color or are bleeding heavily you should contact your Dr right away.