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Any unprotected sexual contact can result in pregnancy or the transmission of many STDs so there is a possibility that you are pregnant if you miss your period or still suspect that you are pregnant take an at home test or go consult your doctor so they can rule out pregnancy or tell you that you are pregnant and you can deal with it from there hope everything works out for the best Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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โˆ™ 2006-04-03 17:27:25
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Q: You should have gotten your shot on march 10th and didnt get it till the 21st you had gotten your period you think five to seven days before the shot and then had sex on the 2829he pulled out but can?
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What are the chances of pregnancy if your period started less than 2 hrs after sex and he pulled out before ejaculation?

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On the pill on antibiotics period and pulled out can I be pregnant?

you should be safe if he pulled out. you will find out soon enough if not though

Your boyfriend and you had unpretected sex about 2 days ago and your period is due in about 6 he pulled out before he ejaculatedmay you be pregnant?

There is a chance. You can always get preg on pre-ejaculate, which emerges before and during intercourse.

Can you be pregnant if your boyfriend pulled out before he ejaculated and you're on the pill but have missed 2 of them and you have a lot of pregnancy symptoms but have gotten your periods?

You can still get pregnant even if the man pulls out, however if you have gotten your period, chances are pretty good that you are NOT pregnant. Your mind is a powerful tool and if you know that there is a chance you might be pregnant you mind can trick your body into thinking it is and you can have pregnancy symptoms even when you are not pregnant. The best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy, especially if you are young is to abstain. yes you can still get pregnant even if your boyfriend did pull out. and if you did already start your period chances are you are not pregnant.

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What if you used a condom and pulled out two days after your period?

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Can you become pregnant 5 days after your period ended if he pulled out?

Yes, because even before he pulled out, he could have released some sperm in his pre-ejaculate. The pullout method is NOT a reliable form of contraception, it would be a good idea to find a more reliable method. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period

Are you pregnant if you had protected sex and your period is late but your boyfriend pulled out before he ejaculated?

Take a test your period might be late because of diet,age,stress and also irregular periods. I don't think your pregnant though

If you missed your last period and your next one is due today and has not come yet and you havent had unprotected sex only kind of once and your partner pulled out before cuming cld u be pregnant?

yes...pre ejaculation. It doesnt matter if he pulled out.

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What are the chances of getting pregnant when your on your PERIOD and the guy pulled out before he anything else could happen but he didn't even ejaculate?

It is possible. The pull out method is not reliable. This is because pre-ejaculate is released before ejaculation, and this contains sperm. Some women ovulate during their period, and if you do you could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period.

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You and your b-f had unprotected sexhe pulled it out before he ejaculated you were 12 days late for your period but you got it for 4 dayscan you still be pregnantt HELP PLEASE?

As long as you got your period, then you're not pregnant. To be sure, take a home pregnancy test.

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What are the chances of getting pregnant from unprotected sex but he pulled out right before he ejaculated?

"Pulling out" does not work - you had unprotected sex, period. There is semen in any fluid which leaks out of the penis, even without ejaculation.

Last period was mc on 16april am now 32weeks due jan21. cheated on 4may he pulled out and also took mornafterpill. could it be other guys am so scared x?

If the 'other guy' pulled out before ejaculating, AND you took the morning after pill, I seriously doubt it is his kid.

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