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If you are positive you have no leak, then the engine is running rich. This would account for the smell of gas and poor mileage. Take it to a professional and make sure they replace the fuel filter along with finding out why it is running rich.

2007-06-28 13:58:01
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Why is there no heat in a 1996 Sonoma?

could be a number of reasons etc bad thermostat,clogged heater core,leaking heater core,

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My 1997 Ford Taurus is leaking what could it be?

leaking what??

Why is your paintball gun leaking?

Your marker could be leaking from a small pinhole in your frame, or it could be leaking out of the CO2 adapter itself. you may want to have it checked, if it is a electric marker, you could freeze your circuit board.

Leaking coolant from water outlet?

Your engine may have a leaking hose connection or a leaking gasket at the water outlet. It could also be a leaking hose.

How do you fix a leaking transmission on 1993 dodge spirit?

It could be leaking from a number of places. Some could be a simple fix and others not so simple. Need more info as to where it is leaking.

If a 2001 Chevy Prizm is leaking oil and empties in about 3000 miles what could be leaking?

its the PCV valve

Why is your 99 intrigue leaking power steering fluid?

There could be many causes to a car leaking power steering fluid. There could be a hole in the reservoir, or the seals could be worn or broken.

What could prevent a leak where the transmission bolts to the small block Chevy right by the oil filter on the left side where the two bolts go and only leaks after engine has been running?

If it's leaking transmission fluid, could be a bad pump seal. If it's leaking engine oil, could be a bad oil filter, leaking valve cover gasket, leaking intake manifold gasket, leaking oil pressure sender, leaking distributor gasket.

What could be causing enging warning light Hyundai Accent smells of petrol?

If you're getting an engine warning light on your Hyundai Accent, oil could be leaking into the exhaust valve. The could also be a problem with the catalytic converter.

Why is there antifreeze leaking inside the 1995 GMC Jimmy?

Passenger side floor? Could be leaking heater core

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If a 1996 Geo Prizm automatic just recently had the pan gasket and filter changed but is still leaking transmission fluid where else could it be leaking from?

Coolant lines? Shift linkage? could also be the rear or front seals leaking

Your 1997 silverado is leaking freon where can it be leaking?

Freon could be leaking anywhere in the ac system. A colored dye can be added to the system, then seen with a special light to find the leak.

1999 Chevy Tahoe leaking water out or the back of the engine near the transmission?

could be freeze plug, or intake leaking

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What causes Ford F-150 to use oil?

could be getting higher mileage and burning it, could be leaking at a gasket or seal. check and make sure the proper recommended oil viscosity is being used.

Brake pedal is soft but no leaking fluid what could it be?

Could be the master cylinder is bypassing.

Why is water leaking on the downstairs ceiling when the H or C faucets on the upstairs tub are turned on if it is not leaking through the drain or tub?

If the tub has a shower as well, the pipe from the faucet to the shower head could be leaking. You might also check the tube that comes OUT and fills the tub. It could be leaking back at the valve when you turn on the water.

What could be wrong if you just replaced the P trap in the kitchen but you cannot get it to stop leaking?

What joint exactly is leaking on you p-trap?

If not leaking where else could antifreeze be going in engine?

you might have a blown head gasket and the coolant is leaking into the cylender and the engine is burning it.

Why does your 92 Buick Skylark keep leaking radiator coolant?

It could be the radiator, the hoses, a leaking coolant tank or the water pump.

Where could a Pontiac Montana be leaking from if the radiator has been replaced and it is not running hot?

Can be leaking from a hose not secured properly or a hole in the system.

Can radiator leak trans. fluid?

if you have an automatic transmission there should be cooling lines going to the radiator to cool the transmission fluid the lines could be leaking or the tank could be leaking