You turn on the heat and the air smells funny it kind of smells like glue what could cause this?

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Could be bacteria build-upIf your vehicle has air conditioning the smell could be caused by build up of bacteria on the heater matrix and in the vents, as this bacteria decays it causes a smell inside the cabin, this can be resolved by purchasing air specialist air con cleaner the is sprayed into the air vents. The smell can also be caused by the heating of leaking coolant from the heater matrix, this would also combined with the car steaming up. Check the coolant level to see if it has dropped.
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What would cause a smell from the heater of a 99 Ford Taurus wagon that at first smells like a farm then turns to a maple-syrup smell when warmed up?

Answer . aleaking Heater Core.. Answer . \nInteresting description! There could be multiple answers. To begin, the cabin filter could be the source of the farm odor. It is located under the vent cowling on the passenger side at the bottom of the windshield. Carefully removing the black plasti ( Full Answer )

What could cause a smell in the electrical panel?

That smell is caused by the panel and/or feeder cable overheating due to excessive current draw. This is a FIRE HAZARD!!!!!!! The electrician did you no favor by putting in a new main breaker. The old one was tripping to protect the wiring from overload. You should have had a whole new panel install ( Full Answer )

What is the horrible smell when you turn on your air conditioner?

Answer . \nIt is likely germs and fungus in the air conditioner. You can use a spray product to clean it.. Answer . \nIf the evaporator is leaking you will get a very bad order. You will also start loosing your freon, then no a/c.

Why does your 2002 Olds Alero smell like a hot glue gun when you're driving it The smell sticks around for a while even after the car is turned off?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nantifreeze kina smells like that check under car for fluid when you smell it\n. \n. \nSpark plug or coil wire(s) making contact with hot engine; Corroded, broken or poorly connected battery cable; Alternator's incorrect wiring connection, burnt insulation, or interna ( Full Answer )

If all of the hot water pipes in the house smell all right but one faucet in the bathroom smells like rotten eggs when you turn it on what could cause the odor?

If you are using well water or the city water is well water you may have some sulphur compounds that get airborne when the water goes through the aerator. It isn't really a problem, it just smells bad. ANS 2 - I deal with many wells that have high iron in the water. This causes the odor described, ( Full Answer )

What could a noxious chemical odor coming from a turned-off convector AC heat unit be if it's not natural gas but smells like the self-cleaning oven smell?

Answer . \nHi:\n. \nWow,,,, this question kinda leaves me hangin on details I need , But! ( it is a bonefide good one ) and I think it\ndeserves at least an attempt on my part ( even though ) \nI am bit uneasy because of the lack of details I have been presented.\n. \nAnswer simplified,,,, it' ( Full Answer )

On a 2002 Honda CRV if you smell a dead mouse when turning on the air conditioning or heat system where can you find the source of these systems in the engine to clean it out?

Answer . Not sure about the CR-V but we are returning our 2006 Pilot to the dealer for the third time to deal with mouse problems. The first time was a dead mouse that got run through the blower fan when my wife turned on the AC this summer. The blower is behind the glove box and I could see the ( Full Answer )

How does smells effect the liver Like smelling glue?

Chemical dangers/hazzards . when we inhale chemicals and toxic waste our body doesn't rspond to it well so therefore it doesn't know how to heal an unknown sickness, it just get's sicker and sicker.

What would cause the check engine light to come on also the car smells funny what could be the problem also there is no heat or air blowing out of the vents you have a 2000 VW beetle?


What causes the oil to smell like gas?

You are getting gas mixing into the oil! This can happen when thevehicle is running it would when cold, and the choke ison. Normally the gas will evaporate when the oil is heated. Thishappens when it reaches the full operating temperature. However, if you are only making short trips in co ( Full Answer )

Clothes smell funny when i am at school they smell like fabric softener when i leave my house but after a while they begin to smell weird?

That smell is maggots in your washing machine growing when they leave our home. Maggots are parasites and they emit a foul odor as they grow and shed their exoskeltons. This has probably happened by washing some soiled underwear in your washer. While they are not growing in your washer the warm, sus ( Full Answer )

What causes feces to smell like metal?

There could be a number of things that can cause feces to smelllike metal such as if you are detoxing or if ketone bodies arebeing excreted in your stools. Also eating garlic can cause yourfeces to smell like metal.

Why does air conditioner smell like vomit?

Ouchie! That must be awful.. What I think you should do is that you should probably call someone who can help with that kind of thing. Sounds like you need it pretty bad. If the person you call can't help you, I suggest you go find someone who can.

What could be causing a sweet smell inside the car while the heat is on?

The sweet smell is caused by antifreeze leaking from the heater core. As the hot air passes through the core it evaporates solvents in the antifreeze which have this "sweet" smell. This contaminated air enters the car when you put the heater on. You might try a radiator sealant additive obtained at ( Full Answer )

Why would a house smell like acetone or strong glue?

because there's acetone or strong glue in it Maybe so; but last night around 8 p.m., an unexplained odor of very strong fumes (similar to strong glue or paint thinner) filled the center of my home and the basement. Only thing is, no one has painted here in three years nor glued anything. My youn ( Full Answer )

How do you get a boy to like you if you smell funny?

that's a tricky one but i believe i have a solution wash daily use deodrant and keep that smell away from you if you have a really funny smell the boys will avoid you as much as they can

What can cause your urine to smell like feces?

E. coli is the most common cause of urinary tract infections. Ifyou think your urine smells like feces, it's likely that you havebacteria growing there. Contact your health care provider foradvice.

Car smells like gas when heat is on?

There are several things that could be going on. The most commonthing that would make your car smell like gas when the heater is onwould be a bad heater core.

Is it me or do i smell funny?

It is not just you. You probably do smell funny. Try a new body soap, deoderant, and body spray.

What is it whenever the auxiliary heat kicks on it smells funny?

I'm not 100% sure, but My auxiliary heat is electric strip heaters that work usually only when the outside temp is too low for my heat pump to operate efficiently. It doesn't come on very often (thank goodness, because it is way expensive to operate) and since the strip heaters sit unused for long p ( Full Answer )

Oil that smell like fuel can be caused by?

Too much fuel being put in the engine and it gets by the rings and if it has a mechanical pump attached to the motor, it can be leaking inside and running into the crankcase. Too much and the oil will be so thin that it no longer lubricates and you loose a bearing.

What does Beyonce's heat smell like?

Top notes of Heat are decorated with red vanilla-orchid, magnolia, neroli and peach. A passionate heart offers honeysuckle, almond and musky cream, while a base finishes with sequoia wood, tonka and amber.

What should scuba air smell like?

Compressed air used for SCUBA should smell like regular air. There may be a slight rubber smell from the regulator. When in doubt, it is safer to get your tank refilled than to dive on contaminated air.

What kind of mold smells like vomit?

I am not quite sure that I have your answer, but I've been told that it could be mold. All of a sudden where I work smells like vomit. Some internet responses suggest you rinse your sink drain with hot water, followed with lemon juice and possibly baking soda. This has not helped. Another website sa ( Full Answer )

Could old coolant cause a car to smell like a dead animal?

I don't think so. Probably your cabin air filter is dirty or the air duct is partially clogged with old leaves and decomposing stuff - that's what happens to me. It might even be a dead animal that crawled up into the engine and died! Anyway, I keep my cabin air filter changed and I use some of the ( Full Answer )

Why does heat smell?

Heat will sometimes smell due to the warming of different metals and/or the burning of different gasses. For example, if you are beside a fireplace that is made from iron you will notice a bitter smell emitted from it. Another example could be understood when you are next to a propane furnace, it wi ( Full Answer )

Why does your new traverse smell funny like somethings burning?

during a brand new cars "break in" its normal to smell like somethings burning, coming from the brakes and exhaust...the metal on the disc brakes and the pads heat up for the first time making it smell like somethings burning, same goes for the catalytic converter in the exhaust system.

What cause smell like oil but no leaks?

Valve cover gaskets leaking oil onto exhaust manifold/s. Bad valve seals. (if oil level drops) Bad PCV valve. Allowing oil into intake manifold/throttle body area.

What is that funny smell?

That funny smell is the scent produced by the dirty socks somebody left on the floor.