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Check Your Waterpump

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Q: You turned your car off and all your antifreeze and water leaked out?
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Where is the antifreeze located on your car?

the antifreeze runs through all your water lines in your car . . . . you put it in your water tank or radiator

Do you have to drain all the antifreeze to change the water pump?

Almost all of it, yes.

Draining a swimming pool?

do it slowly. when i drained mine all at once, the water leaked into the basement

Should you use half water or all antifreeze?

50% anti freeze and 50% water is the usual mix

What are the bodies of water in south Sudan?

your momma lol no but in all sseriousness she leaked a little tell her to clean it up

Phone number for CEO of whirlpool?

I need a phone number for complaints about a whirlpool disher that was purched new and after installed it leaked water on the floor at the bottom of the floor. after 3 different new dishwashers then all leaked water from the bottom of the door. How can I talk to .?

How much water do you drain from the Radiator before you put antifreeze in a dodge Dakota sport radiator 4.7 liter?

Probably all of it. Unless the volume of water in the system is known, it is impossible to know how much to remove and how much antifreeze is to be added to achieve the proper mixture. The correct mix is 1/2 water, 1/2 antifreeze at a minimum, but ideally, the mixture should be 70% antifreeze with 30% water.

What ingredients are in antifreeze - antiboil?

all i know is that the main ingredient is ethylene glycol

Antifreeze leaking 1999 blazer 4.3 motor from the rear for the motor?

not sure how that is unless its leaking from somewhere else and draining down the back...all hose and coolant are in the fron or the least on my 1997 blazer. try putting water in and let it warm up...then check all hose and especially water pump..had a big problem with that on my suburban..did the same leaked from the rear of the engine...hope this helps

Can water be used as an engine coolant?

Yes and no. Water is an excellent coolant but does not have all the properties of antifreeze. Water provides no freeze protection or corrosion resistance.

What to do when water freezes in automobile?

If you mean the water in your radiator, don't drive your vehicle until it thaws or your engine will overheat because no coolant will be flowing through it. You should keep 50% antifreeze and 50% distilled water in your car radiator at all times. (maybe slightly more antifreeze in cold winter weather) Water in the radiator won't freeze with antifreeze mixed with it.

Does a 1971 F250 use antifreeze or just water in the radiator?

It should have a 50 / 50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water in the engine cooling system all year round . Besides providing freeze protection the antifreeze provides corrosion protection ( until the corrosion inhibitors are " used up " )

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