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Rubbing alcohol could not have caused any infection; maybe the dirt on your fingers or whatever you used to make contanct with your skin. If the skin broke, maybe some bacteria got in it. To get rid of the black marks, try using vitamin "E".

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Can a urine infection be caused by drinking alcohol?

No. Alcohol tends to reduce infections.

What is a nonspecific defense reaction to tissue damage caused by injury or infection is known as?

The inflammatory response is a non specific defense reaction caused by tissue damage or infection.

How do blisters form?

Blisters are typically caused by forceful rubbing (friction), burning, freezing, chemical exposure or infection.

Why do I have red eyes?

It can be caused by any number of things: lack of sleep, rubbing your eyes because they itch, you have a cold or you have an infection.

How do you give your self pink eye?

A pink eye is usually caused by bacteria in the eye, which can be caused by germs, such as rubbing your eyes with your hands or maybe an allergic reaction, such as chlorine.

Do chickenpox Aids yeast infection of the mouth hepatitis caused by virus?

Chickenpox and AIDS are viral illnesses. Thrush (yeast infection of the mouth) is caused by a fungus. Hepatitis, or inflammation of the liver, may be caused by many things, including viruses. It may also be caused by parasitic infection, medications, alcohol, and metabolic conditions.

Could a urinary tract infection be caused by an allergy to condoms and or its lubrication?

Can be a reaction to spermicide or latex in condoms.

What is the medical definition of encephalitis?

Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain, usually caused by a direct viral infection or a hyper-sensitivity reaction to a virus or foreign protein. Brain inflammation caused by a bacterial infection is sometimes called cerebritis.

What can cause encephalitis in dogs?

Well this is all you need to know : encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain, caused by infection or an allergic reaction!

What is Primary encephalitis?

Primary encephalitis is caused by direct infection by the virus, while secondary encephalitis is due to a post-infectious immune reaction to viral infection elsewhere in the body

How do you properly clean a cut which was caused by a rose thorn?

Clean it with rubbing alcohol, then add some Iodine to it. Keep the cut clean until it is fully healed.

Insulin reaction can be caused by?

how can Insulin reaction can be caused by

Where is the inflammation of hepatitis?

Hepatitis is the medical term meaning inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis can be caused by fatty liver, alcohol, infection, and medication.

Is ringworm caused by fungi?

Yes. The infection is essentially caused by fungal infection.

Is ringworm caused by a fungal infection?

ringworm is a fungal infection. It is not caused by worms.

Can you drink alcohol when lymph nodes are swollen?

Swollen lymph nodes are caused by inflammation, infection or cancer. You cannot drink alcohol when your lymph nodes are swollen because it contributes to the pain.

What is pus caused by?

It is caused by an infection

What causes blood blisters on your tongue?

Usually, blood blisters on the tongue are caused by trauma. However, they can also be caused by vitamin deficiency, infection, allergic reaction, and autoimmune disease.

What was the purpose of Caesar denying the crown?

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What is perisitic infection?

Infection caused by bacteria

Is staph infection caused by bacteria?

Yes, staph infection is caused by staphylococcus bacteria.

What can be done about dizziness caused by clogged ear?

First off, I would suggest you consult the opinion of a medical professional, particularly if there is any swelling or pain associated with your condition. Vertigo, or the sensation of dizziness, can often be caused by an imbalance of pressure in the inner ear or by the presence of fluid in the inner ear. You mentioned your ear is "clogged" - is it clogged by fluid or by physical obstruction - is your ear swollen? If there is fluid in your ear, I have often found that putting a small amount of rubbing alcohol in your ear will help to evaporate the liquid. The sterilizing and germ killing properties of the rubbing alcohol will also help if you have a low level infection. Try using a dropper or cotton swab to drop or rub a small amount of rubbing alcohol in or on the affected area. NOTE: Always use extreme caution when putting anything in your ear.

What is the difference between viral and a bacteria infection?

As simple as that a viral infection is caused by a virus and a bacterial infection is caused by a bacteria.

Is a substance that causes the release of antibodies that often produce an allergic reaction?

No, an allergic reaction is typically caused by a release of histamines from the eosinophils. Antibodies are produced by lymphocytes in response to a bacterial infection.

What are liver diseases caused by alcohol?

Cirrhosis is the liver disease that can be caused by alcohol.

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