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Q: You want a verilog code for real time clock to implement it on FPGA?
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What is the difference between fpga mplementation and verilog hdl implementation?

Verilog HDL / VHDL is a hardware description language used to implement a hardware on a computer virtually. It means that we can append all the attributes of a hardware to a computer program and verify as to how it works. But there may be differences in its behavior when it is actually implemented physically. For example, there may be an unexpected time delay. So, it is required to verify the design physically. Hence, we dump this Verilog / VHDL code into an FPGA / CPLD and verify the design physically. In other words, Verilog HDL / VHDL program is used to verify the design on a computer where as FPGA / CPLD implementation is used to verify the design on an IC.

What is synthesis in VHDL?

A VHDL program is written to realize an electronic circuit, system or design. After simulating the code, one needs to dump it into an FPGA or CPLD. This programmable logic device, after dumping, act like the designed system. The inter connections of these devices need to be made as per the code. This means that that a program code which might be logic based now needs to be converted into a physically realizable structure. This involves building a physical structure within an FPGA or CPLD. This process involves converting the VHDL code into a format that can be understood by FPGA or CPLD. Converting our code into 1s and 0s that suit the FPGA or CPLD structure is called synthesis.

Why should you use Verilog?

Verilog is a hardware description language. Its very purpose is to describe hardware in the form of a program. This program can be understood by the user and the system as well. By implementing the hardware as a code, it is easier to verify its functionality. Hence, to test hardware before it could actually be designed, we should use Verilog.

How to do a password using vhdl?

A VHDL program can be written to provide a password in the following ways.Using FPGA:Your program can be dumped into a FPGA. This works as per the program written. As the code is burned into it, the user can not see the code. Now, within your program you can have a conditional statement which serves as your password. For example,if (c=ramarav) then...................................................................Using CPLD:It also works in the similar manner.Using a GUI:We can implement a graphical user interface, but the easier way is to take the help of MATLAB tool. We can implement our VHDL code in MATLAB tool and it serves the purpose.

Where Can you get image processing project for final year Preferably Image processing with VLSI in verilog code?

Very simple THInk it over

What is the difference between simulation and synthesis?

stimulation verifies the overall design, while synthesis refers to the checking the output with respect to time...... ======================= Simulation is a process of obtaining the output for the applied inputs. This code should be synthesisable so as to implement it physically. it means that the code should be realizable on a CPLD or FPGA. Hence, the logical level program is converted to register transfer level by the EDA tools which is called synthesis.

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