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You want to add some songs on to your iphone but your whole iTunes library got deleted though they are on your iPhone you want to add some songs in your library to your iPhone How do you do this?


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you download a program like "iPod ripper" by searching on Google. And download all songs from your iphone. Then add them to iTunes. Then sync your iphone with the new library

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You use iTunes. You have to have all you music in iTunes library and then sync your iPhone with iTunes.

Apple only allows us to import iTunes to iPhone, not add iPhone to iTunes library. If you want to add your files from iPhone to iTunes, you have to use a third party program.

Via iTunes, add the .ipa files to iTunes Library and sync with the iphone

With itunes. Plug your iphone into iTunes and sync the songs in your itunes to your iphone.

If you've backed up your iPhone, you can restore iPhone from iTunes or iCloud to get them back. If not, you can make use of FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery to recover Safari history from iPhone directly.

Itunes on the iPhone is preinstalled.

A direct way to transfer iPhone contacts to your PC would be to use a 3rd party program such as FonePaw iOS Transfer or CopyTrans Contacts (link provided below).You can also use iTunes and transfer your iPhone contacts by syncing your iPhone with the Sync with Option in the iTunes Info tab set to Windows Contacts. However by syncing your iPhone with iTunes you are risking your iPhone multimedia tracks deleted by iTunes.

Fix? What do you mean? If you want to restore your deleted or lost iPhone without iTunes backup, you may need to get a third party tool to help you recover your iPhone data. You can try Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery which will directly recover data from iPhone.

As long as your computer has itunes that is authorised on the same itunes account as your iphone, then it will automatically transfer all your iphone apps onto the computer

For Windows users:With iTunes only: First sync the iPhone music into the iTunes library and then connect the iPod to the PC and sync songs into the iPod. However, there is a problem. When you sync iPhone songs into iTunes, the previous iTunes music library may be deleted and replaced by the iPhone music library. Some songs in iTunes are lost.There are also several transfer programs available.You can use AnyTrans to transfer music from an iPhone to an iPod.Step 1. Install AnyTrans > Plug in iPhone and iPod via USB cable at the same time.Step 2. Click on " Audio" > Choose "Music" to enter the manage page.Step 3. Preview and pick up the music you want to transfer > click on "To Device" to begin transferring process.

Sync your iPhone to iTunes on our computer

download it from the itunes store and it will notify you that you have already purchased the game and that you dont have to pay for it

You need to add it to iTunes library on your computer.

I think you can register in the iTunes app. If you are not logged onto an iTunes Library, you will be prompted upon entry.

To sync music to an iphone from itunes, just connect the iphone to your computer using the cable it came with. Itunes does the rest.

no you cannot use ipod and iphone apps on itunes, but you can buy the apps on itunes and put them on your ipod and iphone

You can download iTunes songs on an iPhone without plugging it into the computer. You can download the iTunes on the iPhone.

Here, we summarize three diverse solutions about how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone.Solution 1. Retrieve From iTunes Backup & iCloud BackupIf you have a previous backup saved with iTunes or your iCloud, this is a good solution to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone. However, you should make sure that iTunes automatically created backups of your iPhone when you synced with iTunes, and you enable iCloud backup of your iPhone.Solution 2. Directly Retrieve From iPhoneUnfortunately, if you don't have iPhone backup files with iTunes or your iCloud, or you just want to select some messages you need, PhoneRescue is such a software that helps you selectively get back deleted text messages from your iPhone.How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages Without iTunes and iCloud BackupPhoneRescue enables you to recover not only deleted text messages that send as SMS, MMS, iMessages by mistaken on iPhone, but also accidently deleted messages attachment, lost photos, contacts, call history, etc. It's a fantastic rescue software that allows you to retrieve deleted messages from your iPhone to your computer in a quick, simple and safe way.Solution 3. Contact iPhone ProviderTake a call to your phone provider or contact customer services. Although it may be useless, it costs nothing to ask. Right? Probably, some, although not all, will keep a record of your text messages.Related article, you can refer to,

Plug in your iPhone. Connect to iTunes. Click Sync.

Ringtones from iTunes will be transferred to your iPhone when you plug the iPhone into the Mac and select them in iTunes in the iPhone window that appears when you click on your phone in the left side pane. Start iTunes. Plug the USB from the iPhone into the computer. Look for the iPhone in the left pane of iTunes. Click the iPhone. Click in the main window to select the ringtones you want to put on the iPhone. Click 'Sync'. Click the eject button on the left pane for the iPhone to eject it. Unplug the iPhone In the iPhone prefs select the ringtone you want.

you can only get music on your iPhone via iTunes. There you sync. your music with your iPhone

A professional iphone transfer can help you transfer your iPhone files to iPhone, computer and iTunes. Learn more here: It can: 1、Transfer files from iPhone to iPhone(iPhone to iPhone transfer) 2、Transfer files from iPhone to local computer(iPhone to Computer transfer) 3、Transfer files from iPhone to iTunes(iPhone to iTunes transfer) 4、Transfer files from local files to iPhone without iTunes 5、Supports all sorts of devices

When you have your iPhone plugged into your computer, and you have opened iTunes, open up your iPhone menu, and to the right of the iPhone's picture, press "Restore iPhone."

You can recover deleted iPhone text messages yourself, with several downloadable software. A STEP-BY-STEPguide to recover deleted iPhone messages is available--see the links.

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