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get a fuel pressure guage, check for fuel pressure and if you are getting fuel to your injector(s) then check for spark at the plugs.

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Q: You was driving down the road in your 1994 Dodge Caravan when your gas peddle went soft and the engine died it now will not start It seems like it is not getting any gass?
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Why does my fast idle screw not bottom out when the engine is warm and I let up on gas peddle?

It is not supposed to.

Brake peddle firm until engine starts then goes to floor?

replace brake booster

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What is the cause of your 2000 dodge ram 1500 5.2 liter Driving down the road when you press the gas peddle the engine kind of hesitates and doesnt accelerate as good it's like its sputtering?

Check engine light on? If so have it checked for codes. That should point you towards a possible misfire.

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Jeep 1997 Grand Cherokee Ltd-loses power whilst highway driving. No power when pressing peddle-release peddle it returns to idle mode.Sometimes stops altogether.Can restart and drive car no problems?

problem a vacuum leak

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Where is the obd connection for Volvo v40?

On my 2000 Volvo V40 it is located to the right of the gas peddle. I believe that it has a plastic cap over it although mine has been removed. Mine faces the engine compartment but I have seen a V40 (not sure of the year) that faces the gas peddle.

When driving my car and i stop at a stop light or sign and i do not press the gas peddle immediately after i take my foot off the brake my car will stall Why is this?

could be transmission

What does a squeaky noise in the clutch mean?

This depends when the noise happens:When you hold the clutch peddle down, this is the "Throw out bearing" also known as release bearing, getting ready to seize and ruin your clutchWhen you step on the peddle, this is usually a dry pivot or cable, there are pivots (3) in the peddle itself and may be several more on the way to the clutch.

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What causes hestitation in the gas peddle of a 1996 Lincoln Town car?

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Does dodge caravan 1996 SE has ABS?

It was an option. mine does. just drive your van up to 30 mph and slam on the brakes and see if they lock up. if they do not lock up and you feel a vibration in the brake peddle you have abs.

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