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probably not but take a urine test to be sure good luck joymaker rn

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Can you bleed every day for 3 months and still be pregnant?

depends on how much you are bleeding. if you are wondering and unsure, and can't take a simple pregnancy test, a sure way to tell is if your boobs are tender. when your boobs are tender and you are spotting, but not really bleeding, then you are probably pregnant. If you are bleeding every day (especially if you are not pregnant), you might want to contact your doctor.

Could you be pregnant if a pregnancy test two days before your period was negative but you feel sick and tired and have a bluish vagina and bumps on your boobs?

Yes you could be pregnant but you shouldn't of had a normal period. Best thing to do is see your doctor for a blood test.

Can you be pregnant even though you have bleeding?

yes, my auntie was still having her periods and didnt know that she was pregnant till she noticed symptoms like milk leaking boobs enlargement etc.

Is it normal for breasts to hurt?

Yes, it is completely normal for you boobs to be extremely tender and hurt. I have had three girls, and my boobs were extremely tender every time I was pregnant. It tends to be more in the beginning and the end of the pregnancy, not so much in the middle for me.

I had my period 10 days ago it was lighter and shorter than normal I did a hpt it was neg my boobs are sore every now and than i feel sick on and off and have mild cramping could i still be pregnant?


Is it normal to have cramps and tender breasts a week after your period?

it depends peoples boobs atre diffrent but have u benne to the doctor

If I had my period December 3 and now it is January 8 i don't see my period yet am i pregnant?

Maybe. are your boobs sore? do you feel weird? wait another week and get a pregnancy test.

You are 18 days late for period your boobs are sore around the nipples you are tired alot you are urinatin loads you have white discharge and about a week and a half before your period you was bleedin?

I think you may be pregnant! Or just stressed or swithing birth controls...any way id take a test or SEE THE DR! The blood before your period was due may have been "implantation bleeding" or maybe just your period???

Could you be pregnant if your bf ejaculated two times in you the day after your period now every night you get sick your boobs hurt you are always sleepy Could you be pregnant?

Take a home pregnancy test

Can you tell you are pregnant 9 days after conception?

Mostly no. Your boobs may be tender & you'll be close to missing a period. But, other than that, no. Just wait & see if your period comes! Good luck!!

What does it mean if your nipples hurt?

If your nipples hurt or you have tender breasts it just means that your boobs are growing and you are getting ready to start your period or have your next period, in other words it is perfectly normal.

Are there any other ways to know your pregnant without taking tests?

If you miss your period, sore boobs, morning sickness, general weakness, getting really emotional about nothing (well i guess that last one is pretty normal for most women... ;-P)

Could i be pregnant an still have a normal period flow i was 4 days early an had pos. urine test an neg. blood test an clear stuff out of my boobs doc said he heard heart be but neg blood an on med?

if there is a pregnancy, there may be a problem

Where do your breasts hurt when you are pregnant?

Having sore boobs does not mean you're pregnant, but sore boobs are a symptom of pregnancy. You boobs could be sore all over, in just places, and sometimes sore and sometimes not. because they are filling with milk for the new baby

6 weeks pregnant and showing is this normal?

As early as your first month you might look exactly the same to the outside world, or your bigger boobs and/or thicker middle might have people asking you if you're pregnant almost instantly.

What do girls do for puberty?

There boobs get bigger and they start there period...

What bra size does kendra wilkinson wear?

In an episode of 'Kendra,' whilst pregnant Kendra Wilkinson comments on how her boobs have gone upto a 34E and states that before getting pregnant her boobs were a 34C

You are about a week late on your period and you are tired all the time and ridiculously emotional and your boobs are swollen and sore could you be pregnant?

Don't know when you had unprotected sex last but yes, you can be and it can also be the period on it's way. The symptoms are similar.

How do you know if you're pregnant aside from missing your period and can you tell if your body just feels different?

If your prenant you do have a feeling and yah there is other signs of being pregnant beside missing your period ex like mood swings,eating more ,nausia feeling ,your breast get sore boobs get bigger stomach also and not to tell you that you can be on your period and still be pregnant but the safest thing is go to the docter and get tested.!

Could you still be pregnant if you have taken two home pregnancy tests and the results are negative?

I am nascious my boobs hurt cramping in the belly backaches and headaches right now is that a true sign that i am pregnant. I just need to know does that mean I am pregnant.Answeryes if your period is late.

I think i am pregnant my period is 4 days late and hasn't come yet i feel sick and my boobs are sore he ejaculated 4 times condom was almost off am i?

i don't think you are, sounds common that the boobs hurt when you're about to get your period, and the sick part may be stress. Go get a pregnancy test if you're really worried.

4 weeks pregnant feel bloated?

I am 4 weeks pregnant and feel a little heavy in the lower abdomen, but feel huge and bloated after i eat. Right after my period was due my boobs started to kill me and starting to pee alot.

Is sweating and peeling feet a sign of pregnancy?

No, not alone. I've never heard of peeling feet being related to pregnancy. If you have a missed period, nausea, sensitive boobs our are urinating more than normal...those are more common symptoms. If you think you are pregnant, wait until you have missed your period and take a pregnancy test. If still unsure, see your doctor.

Signs that a woman is pregnant?

Ways to know a girl is pregnant is you can possibly miss a period.. not always do u miss a period. Signs to vary with different people. Your boobs may enlarge, tender boobs, puking randomly, ( morning sickness) , wait about a week after u had sex to get a test . Go to your doctor to get the most accurate result. Don't worry they are not allowed to say anything to ur parents without ur permission.

How do you get breast milk?

When your pregnant you boobs get big because their full of milk