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In my experience, the majority of people who buy laptop computers end up with the computer sitting on a desk, plugged into a full size monitor, which is where it stays most of the time. The only people who really use laptop computers as mobile, portable computers seem to be business people who travel a great deal. Between batteries going dead, monitors that are hard to read in bright lighting situations, and the bulk and weight involved in packing around a laptop, they end up being less than what people expected. Add to this the extremely high cost of upgrades of memory, hard disks, and maintenance, and the extremely fragile nature of the machines, and the only people who can really afford a laptop are people who get them supplied by their employers. A laptop computer contains basically the same components as a desktop computer, but they are all much smaller, which makes them more expensive, and more difficult to work on. As far as the Sony Vaio is concerned, I would be more inclined to buy a laptop from either Hewlett-Packard, or Apple. I consider Sony to be an excellent name in consumer electronics, but that does not include computers. Compare battery life, hard disc size, processor speed, RAM capacity, and monitor clarity and brightness first when shopping for laptops.

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Q: You would like to buy a laptop and you have been thinking on a Sony Vaio what is your opinion about them?
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