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You might need to replace your fuel pump because from what it sounds like the fuel is not getting to where it needs to, it's an easy fix for a do-it-yourselfer, most Toyota is at that year are usually located under the rear seat,when you find it be careful in removing and installing the new pump as the float is mounted with the pump

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What can i do if my Toyota Corolla doesn't start?

The best thing to do if your Toyota Corolla doesn't start is to call a tow truck. Have the tow truck take the car someplace that the car can get looked at.

When do babies start sitting up by themselves?

Baby's start sitting on their own and getting into a sitting position between 6.5 months and 10 months.

What causes a 2004 Toyota Corolla to crank but not start?

i got no spark from coils and the efi fuse and relay are good. what other possibilities are there for a crank ,no start 04 corolla?

How do you reset your 1997 Toyota Corolla VIP alarm so it will start again?


1991 Toyota Corolla sometimes will not start it has power what could it be?

It could just be your starter...

When does baby start sitting?

About 7 to 8 months.

Where is a starter relay on a 1993 Toyota Corolla?

The starter relay is the part of the vehicle that sends an electrical current to the motor in order for the engine to start. In a 1993 Toyota Corolla, you will find the starter relay in the engine compartment.

When did Toyota start selling cars in America?

If memory serves me correctly, I believe that Toyota was first imported in1969, with the Corolla and Carona models.

If my 96 Toyota corolla cranks but wont start what can be the problem?

chances are to start with the fuel filter if that's not it try the fuel pump

1990 Toyota corolla driving dies won't start again why?

Died while driving? Alternator

Your 1991 corolla will not start after sitting for a period of time but you can push start it drive it then shut it off and start as normal any suggestions?

Replace the starter. All will be well.

Why will a Toyota corolla only start after rocking the car side to side?

May be a fuel pump going bad

Where do you start to finding the cause of a problem with a 1998 Toyota Corolla radio?

AnswerCheck the fuse1996 corolla fuse is in kick panel next to driver!!! cig lighter and clock and radio!!!

99 Toyota corolla wont start but clicks?

Check your alternator and if that isn't it (but sounds like it) take a look at your starter.

Why wont' a 1993 Toyota Corolla start?

Check for spark and fuel to start, then go from there. It could be almost anything and is a process of elimination to find the cause.

What might be causing a loud rumbling vibration near the engine when you start up a 1996 Toyota Corolla especially when the sound is worse in the cold?

bad engine mout....i had same on a 1994 corolla

Why car shaking Toyota Corolla?

The Corolla could be shaking for many reasons. Start by checking the wheel bearings and brakes for wear. Then check the engine to see if it running rough, causing the shake.

Why does my 1996 Toyota Corolla start but will not go into gear. And I do not have brake lights eighter?

A brake light switch may be bad if a 1996 Toyota Corolla will not go into gear and the brake lights don't work. Another issue could be in the shift lock solenoid.

1994 Z71 truck won't start after sitting for a few months.?

fuel pumps go bad after sitting for a while, check that

How do you turn off the seatbelt sensor in your 2006 Toyota Corolla?

The sensor is located in the seat. The problem is that if you unplug the sensor the vehicle will not start.

How do you start a truck that has been sitting for 6 months?

It depends, you could try starter fluid.

How do you disable the automatic headlight in 1999 Toyota Corolla?

I discovered that when I start my car (1999 Toyota Corolla CE) with the emergency brake engaged the head lights don't come on. They come on as soon as its released and they wont go off if you reset the break. Only when the car is turned on with the break set.

What would cause your 1998 Toyota corolla to lose power while accelerating and actually start to slow down?

Perhaps plugged catalytic converter

What would make your 1996 Toyota corolla just click and not start?

probably a flat battery, but could be the starter motor has died.try jump starting it.

Car names that start with the letter c?

* Corolla * Cadillac * Cougar * Civic (Honda) * CRX (Honda) * Chevrolet * Corsica * Chrysler * Celica (Toyota)

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