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it could be the water pump but i would be 80% sure its probly the thermostat which runs about 8-10 bucks at autozone. you can check it by putting it in a pot of water on the stove turn on the heat and and use a thermometer to watch the water temp with you vehicle it should open around 195 degrees if it dosent then there is your problem. to find the thermostat follow the upper radiator hose from the radiator back to the engine the hose connects to the thermostat housing unbolt the thermostat housing (usually 2 bolts) and remove the thermostat replacement is in the opposite order also get a thermostat gasket to replace the one you will mess up when you remove the thermostat housing there are like .99cents it could also be that the cooling system has become clogged with sludge not letting the coolant flow to check that remove you radiator cap and look into your radiator and see if there is a lot of sludge type stuff usually brownish in color if that is the case have a cooling system flush done on you vehicle. DO NOT DO ANYOF THIS UNTIL THE VEHICLE HAS SAT NOT RUNNING FOR AT LEAST ONE AND A HALF HOURS AND HAD A CHANCE TO COOL OR YOU COULD SUSTAIN MAJOR BURNS i hope this helps and happy holidays

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Why is my 1997 Ford Taurus over heating?

check the thermostat or the fan motor could be the problem or a leak in radiator. just a thought

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The most common cause is a blown head gasket. Biggest problem is that it'll get worse.

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An electrical problem.

What could be the problem in a 95 Aurora if you've changed the radiator water pump temp gage hoses checked the fan and it's still over heating?

could have and air lock in the system

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Your heating element is going out and that is why the fuse blew as well. You will need to have the heating element replaced in order for the dryer to work like it did when you bought it.

My heating is not working inside the car what could be the problem?

Could be a number of things, when was the last time you had the car serviced for regular maintenence coolant flush, or it could ba a bad heater core aswell. Either way I suggest you have a technician look into it

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Your 1997 ford is over heating it is leaking from the radiator cap on the resavor what could be causing this problem i have tried everything?

From easiest to hardest: Does radiator have enough coolant? Is the fan working? Could be a bad thermostat. Water pump (there is a small hole in the bottom of the water pump. If there is water dripping out of the "weep" hole, then the water pump is bad). Could be a blown head gasket. (Is there any water in the oil or does the coolant in the radiator have a fuel smell?

If a 1998 KIA Sportage over heats what could be the problem?

There could be 2 things. First check the thermostat. Easy way to check remove it and toss it in boiling water if it opens it's still good if not that's the problem. If it isn't it could also be the water pump. Don't drive it if it's over heating, you could mess up the heads on the truck.

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