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Are you sure about that? Have you had your tires balanced recently? If so and they are balanced, check to make sure you don't need a front end alignment.

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Q: Your 1992 gmc sierra vibrates when you go over 100kmh It is not the tires What is it?
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Can a 1992 GMC Sierra clear 33in tires?

i put 32" tires on my 92 sierra c1500 and it worked beautifully without even having to jack up the truck, only when i turn the steering wheel all the way and go off a bump at the same time the tires will rub the mud flaps a little bit.

When was Sierra Tonante created?

Sierra Tonante was created in 1992.

Where is the starter relay on a 1992 GMC sierra?

The starter relay on a 1992 GMC Sierra is in the engine compartment. It is located on the passenger side near the front.

1992 gmc 1500 sierra carburtor repair?

gmc 1500 sierra was fuel injected in '92

When was Sierra Leone International Mission School created?

Sierra Leone International Mission School was created in 1992.

When was Sierra Worthy born?

Sierra Worthy was born on June 25, 1992, in Santa Monica, California, USA.

What are the wires in the back of a casette player for a 1992 sierra gmc?


What psi should the tires of a 1992 Nissan be filled to?

The tires should say it. Usually about 32 psi.

Where is the knock sensor on a 1992 GMC Sierra 1500 5.0L truck?

where is knock sensor on a 2001 sierra 5.3 2wd 1500.

How do you replace the lock cylinder in 1992 GM SIERRA?

Pay someone to do it.

Where is ecu located on a 1992 cutlass sierra?

under dashboard right side

How can you fix the clutch in a 1992 GMC Sierra?

Clutch repair for a 1992 Sierra will depend on the problem. Clutch systems consist of the clutch, pressure plate and a master and slave cylinder. These parts are not repairable, and the part that has failed will have to be replaced.

Where is the shock fluid filler for a 1992 gmc sierra c1500 with a 305 engine?

No such thing.

Will 33 inch tires fit on a 1992 for bronco that is not lifted?

no. 31 max

Why is the Chevy 1992 wobbling?

One of your tires is bad, or you need an alignment. or you are a woman

How many gallons of fuel does a 1992 sierra gmc step side hold?

A 1992 Sierra GMC will hold approximately 34 gallons of gas. Drivers should expect gas mileage between 14 and 17 miles per gallon.

What is towing capacity for 1992 sierra?

The towing capacity on the 1993 Sierra is about 8000 pounds via the bumper pull. The truck with the largest engine is rated for about 9000 pounds.

Can you show Vacuum line diagram for 1992 sierra 1500?

THERE should be a digram on the fan shroud

What does a blinking ac light mean on a 1992 gmc sierra?

If its flickering its most likely a short

What are the release dates for Raw Toonage - 1992 Bonkers in Space Cro-Magnum PI The Treasure of the Sierra Marsdre 1-3?

Raw Toonage - 1992 Bonkers in Space Cro-Magnum PI The Treasure of the Sierra Marsdre 1-3 was released on: USA: 3 October 1992

What is the Tire size for 1992 Ford Taurus?

Mine has P205/70/R14 tires

Air Conditioning blinks on 1992 GMC Sierra?

The A/C Neetd To Be Recharged. The A/C Needs To Be Recharged

What is the firing order for a 1992 GMC Sierra Truck 4.3 liter?

the firing order for a 1992 gmc sierra c1500 v6 4.3 liter is 1-3-5 drive side front to rear 6-4-2 passenger side front to rear

Do you have a diagram of fan belt positioning on 1992 gmc 1500 sierra v-8?

You can find a diagram of the fan belt positioning on a 1992 GMC 1500 Sierra V8 in a repair manual. Haynes is a popular repair manual and is available from most auto parts stores.

How do you remove spark plugs for 1992 olds cutlass sierra?

Use a sparkplug socket and turn counter clockwise