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Your 1993 Chevy Lumina started smoking from under hood no temp lights on no oil light did get a low coolant light when you turned car off and restarted What could be the problem?


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When coolant leaks on a hot engine it produces quite a bit of steam, and it looks like smoke. Make sure you aren't leaking coolant somewhere and if you are, take care of the problem before the engine is destroyed. It's usually a radiator hose or heater hose, but whatever you do, take care of the problem before driving it again.


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I had the same problem with mine and I've heard of this being sort of persistent with a lot of these cars - the problem lies in the water pump. It's prone to developing a leak which can throw out your coolant at a pretty fast rate. After replacing my water pump, the problem was completely solved, so maybe look into having your pump looked at.

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I had a similar problem with mine.... temperature gauge would shoot up after 10 minutes of driving and all the coolant would be gone... started watching the tail after replacing the coolant and saw white smoke... found out later it was a crack in the cylinder and it was burning coolant... this may not be your problem, but it mite help...

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