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Your 1993 Honda Accord will turn over but won't start?


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November 14, 2008 8:55PM

the igniter in the distributor, they are aften going bad in hondas, and causes a huge head ache. This is what I've done so far., This happens intermittently. It used to happen during the summer months but now even during the winter months it's been happening more frequently. Here's what i replaced so far. First : Main relay, Ign Coil, Dist Cap, Rotor, Plug wires, Spark Plugs. It happened 2 more times after the items above were replaced. Next items I replaced is below. Fuel Pump Fuel strainer Fuel filter Note each time this happens the car starts the next day or two and happens again weeks or a month later . I don't know what else to check. If anyone have any ideas please let me know. Thanks