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Your 1994 cadallic Seville is saying wait 3 minutes due to anti thefe device what does this mean and your car wont start thanks?

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2008-04-08 08:24:26

Yur car has a "VATS" system - the key has a little 'chip' in it

near the top. This is a resistor, which is read by the car computer

when you try to start. The wires that connect the connector in the

switch to the ECM are VERY thin, and often break. There are two

ways to fix this. 1) The right way. You have to change the ignition

switch. This is a royal pain involving disassembling the top end of

the steering column. 2) The easy way. Put a mulitimeter across the

chip and read the resistance, then disconnect the wires between the

ignition switch and the ECM, and put that value of resistor in

there. Here.... is the detailed

instructions on how to do this. Richard

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