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check crank sensor, coil pack, map sensor. under hot condition! use ohm meter

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Why is your 1988 Mercury Mystique overheating?

There could be several reasons why a 1998 Mercury Mystique is overheating. The radiator may have a leak, the thermostat may be stuck, or the head gaskets could be blown.

Where is the firewall hole on a 1994 Mercury Mystique?

There are several firewall holes.The firewall is the wall that divides the engine from the passanger compartment.Under the windshield.

Where do you insert the mercury thermometer?

You can take your temperature with a mercury thermometer is several places, the most common is in the mouth under the tongue while another place is under the armpit

Which metal can be quite poisonous when ingested?

Several are such as lead, but mercury (the only metal that is a liquid at room temperature) is very poisonous.

When does metal reach the temperatures in which it can melt?

This temperature is called melting point.

What metal is not malleable at room temperature?

probably several, but one i can think of is tungsten. it is very brittle at room temp. Another example would be mercury (quicksilver), which is liquid at room temperature.

Do wallabies like the cold?

Probably not, but they can adapt. Captive red-necked (Bennett's) wallabies can stay outdoor even at the temperature is several degrees below 0 Celsius.

What two units are commonly used to measure air pressure?

Air pressure is commonly described by several units (as Celsius and Fahrenheit both describe temperature).. millibars pascals mm of mercury in. of mercury

Planet that has no ocean and a very hot temperature?

We have two such planets in the solar system, which are Mercury and Venus. There are also several other planets that have no oceans but which are cold.

On what planet will lead melt?

Lead and several other substances would melt on the surfaces of Mercury and Venus. Mercury's mean surface temperature: 167oC (333oF) Venus' mean surface temperature: 464oC (867oF)

What methods do thermometers utilized in measuring temperature?

A thermometer can use any of several methods to register temperature. These include mercury; liquid-in-glass; electronic with digital display; infrared or tympanic; and disposable dot matrix

Does Mercury have several icy moons?

Mercury has no moons,therefore it has no icy moons.

What is the name of the Shapeshifters's name in X men?

There are several shapeshifters in X-Men, but perhaps the best known is Mystique.

Can mercury float in water?

no, mercury is a substanable resource meaning non waterised substance so cannot float in water No, mercury is heavier than water. It can't float in water. It is actually a metal that is liquid at room temperature and for several degrees around that. That's why it's used in thermometers.

Which brand tableware makes an outdoor dish set?

Furniture and homeware retailer IKEA has several lines of dishes which are suitable for outdoor dining.

Where can I get new outdoor furniture?

There are several different websites that offer new outdoor furniture. Sears, Target, and Walmart are just a couple of the name brand places you can go that offer new outdoor furniture.

Which magazines revolve around outdoor cooking?

Boys Scouts of America Magazines have a lot of in sight on outdoor cooking; which goes along with the territory. Also several of the grill magazines out there also deal in outdoor cooking.

What mineral provides the liquid element mercury?

There are several minerals that contain mercury; one of the most common is cinnabar, or mercury (II) sulfide.

Do metal have high or low melting point?

Depends entirely on the metal. Gold, silver,copper, tin and lead melt at a lower temperature than some metals. Iron requires a higher temperature, but all require what he would think of as a high temperature to melt them. An exception is Mercury (Quicksilver) which has a melting point so low that it is liquid at room temperature. First sentence it the best answer. Mercury is a liquid metal at room temperature. Gallium has a low melting point as do several other metals.

Why is the earth more inhabitable than mercury?

The Earth is more inhabitable than Mercury for several reasons. First of all, the distance the Earth has from the sun causes the earth's temperature to be just right compared to Mercury on which temperatures range from −183 °C to 427 °C. Also, the atmospheric conditions at Earth protect the life forms living there from harmful rays from the sun. Mercury does not have a substantial atmosphere.

Minor gases on mercury?

There are several minor amounts of gases located on Mercury, Examples include methane and krypton. Mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar System.

When did mariner 10 land on Mercury?

Mariner 10 did not land on Mercury, it did several flyby approaches to mercury while orbiting the sun. It was not designed for a landing mission.

Do all metals have a relatively high boiling or melting point?

No, mercury melts well below the freezing temperature of water and gallium melts just below body temperature. There are several alloys that will melt at temperatures below the boiling temperature of water.

Have any robots or satellites arrived at Mercury?

Yes. So far two unmanned spacecraft have visited Mercury. Mariner 10 made several flybys of Mercury in 1974 and 1975. MESSENGER made several flybys of Mercury in 2008 and 2009 before entering orbit around Mercury in 2011 where it remained until it was allowed to crash into the surface in 2013.

What is a good company that makes modern outdoor furniture?

There are several websites you can use when comparing costs and quality of outdoor furniture. Some of the better sites to use for this are and