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Your 1997 Buick Riviera SC is not accelerating normally after changing the alternator what is the problem?


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2006-08-24 03:54:48
2006-08-24 03:54:48

I don't think of anything in comon between the two. If you have a check engine light, take it to autozone and have the codes read. I would change the fuel filter to see if maybe that happened at the same toime. Possibly have the wrong alternator pulley or belt is installed wrong. Can cause a short between the alternator and the frame.


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You must unbolt the engine from the engine mount and jack the engine up to obtain clearance. You must do this for both the alternator/AC belt as well as with the secondary Supercharger belt.

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Yes, it sure will. Normally anything you do that is not original drops the value of the vehicle. That is unless the car was painted some really ugly color at the factory. In that case it just might add to the value.

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The PCV valve is located just to the right of the alternator...take off the 3800 cover (usually gray in color), and its behind the alternator and to the right of it, and you will see it popping out of the engine block right on the top of the engine case....its best to remove the alternator...u have to remove it to get to the pcv valve and replace it....

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