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Your 2000 Chevy impala does not shift into overdrive any help?


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2008-02-13 02:09:01
2008-02-13 02:09:01

the o/d sun gear shaft is stripped this is commond on these


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The 2000 Chevy Impala has a curb weight of 3389 lbs. The vehicle has a towing capacity of 1000 lbs.

According to Automobile online In August 2010, a recall for faulty seat belts and anchorage was announced for the 2000 Impala. Another reason the Chevy 2000 Impala was recalled was problems relating to the suspension.

The Chevy Impala did not come out in 2004. The eighth generation Impala came out in 2000 and then the ninth generation Impala came out in 2006. The tenth generation is expected for 2014.

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The towing capacity of the 1984 Chevy Impala that does not come with a towing package is 2000 pounds. The towing capacity of the 1984 Chevy Impala that is equipped with a tow packages is 3500 pounds.

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No. The 2000-2005 Grand-Am uses a 4T45-E TRansmission, while The 2000 - 2005 Impala Use a 4T65-E.

go to auto zone they will do it for you

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