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If it is leaking on the passenger side I would agree with them; the drian hose could be opened up with caompressed air.Good luck.

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Q: Your 2002 Ford Explorer AC is leaking water inside the carpets according to Ford is a leaking evaporator coil Any other ideas?
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What causes wet carpet under dash in 2002 Ford Explorer?

Bad windshield seal?Heater core leaking?A/C evaporator drain plugged?

Where does Water in floorboard 1999 ford escort come from?

Heater core leaking? Windshield seal leaking? Door seal leaking? Evaporator drain plugged?

Is it normal for AC water condensation to be oily?

No. You may be leaking engine coolant from the heater core or leaking refrigerant oil from the AC evaporator.

When running the air water links on the passager side?

If it is leaking on the passenger side, out side of the vehicle, then this is normal. It is condensation coming from the evaporator core. If it is leaking INSIDE the vehicle, then you have a clogged evaporator core vent drain. Clearing the drain should clear the problem.

Inside of jeep car smells from freon what could be leaking?

A smell inside is usually a bad evaporator coil.

How do i fix 2001 BMW air conditioning failure?

You do not mention what model this is on ? If I had to guess I would say the Evaporator is leaking

91 Acura leaking water onto floorboards?

If it's leaking clear water, probably a bad door seal or a plugged cowl drain or a plugged AC evaporator condensation drain. orIf it's leaking engine coolant, probably a bad heater core.

Does the 2002 Ford Focus evaporator coil have issues with leaking refrigerant?

Not usually. If there is leakage it is usually at the ports (fill points).

Why would you have water leaking from under the dash on a 1987 Olds Calais?

2 possibilities.....1 your ac evaporator drain is plugged and needs to be cleaned out. 2 if it is coolant your heater core his leaking.

Is it possible for the evaporator valve to stick in a 1997 Camaro RS and how hard is it to change?

I am not exactly sure of what you are asking but there is not an evaporator valve. There is an evaporator core that resembles a radiator and there are not any parts that can stick. The only problem they have is leaking. There is an orfice that goes in the inlet to the evaporator and it has no moving parts.It can get stopped up and cause the high side pressure to get higher than normal.

What would cause water to come in your floor vents?

Could be that your heater core is leaking May also have a plugged evaporator hole.

How do I stop the air conditioner from leaking on my carpet in my 4-runner?

Unplug evaporator drain with a flexible wire or low pressure air

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