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2 possibilities.....1 your ac evaporator drain is plugged and needs to be cleaned out. 2 if it is coolant your heater core his leaking.

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Q: Why would you have water leaking from under the dash on a 1987 Olds Calais?
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What would cause a radiator water leak from under the hood if not hoses leaking?

maybe your radiator is broken and you need to get a new one or just get a reparation if the radiator starts leaking when is in use it may be leaking because of the pressure of the water.

Why would hot water be leaking from under the dash?

Probably on the passenger side, under the glove box. The heater core is leaking, you should probalbly smell something sweet with the car running. That's the anti freeze.

What would cause the passenger floor to be wet in a 4 cylinder Oldsmobile Calais?

Heater core may be leaking Door seal? Windshield seal?

Why would water be leaking from under the passenger side of a car?

If you have your air conditioning running it is the moisture that is pulled out of the air when it is being cooled. That water is then expelled outside of the car

Why would a 95 T-Bird be leaking coolant and why would the speedometer not work under 30 miles an hour?

There are hoses, gaskets amd water pump which cause leaking. Check it out where the coolant is comming from.. The speed sensor is probablu bad.

Why would a cutlass supreme leak antifreeze from the belt system?

Hose leaking Water pump leaking

You own a Chevy 305 it is leaking water from in between valve covers under carb near distrubutor is this a head gasket?

NO NO, That would be a intake gasket leaking, not a head gasket. You also should check where the heater hose hooks up on the intake, it may be leaking.

1999 Buick LaSabre why would antifreeze be leaking on the side of the ac compressor?

Perhaps water pump is leaking?

What would cause water to come into the passenger side from under the dashboard?

If it is water it is probably the condensation drain plugged up with crud. If it is engine coolant it is probably the heater core leaking.

Water leaking from back of engine ford explorer?

If it's just plain water leaving a little puddle under your vehicle it would be condensation from your air conditioning if it has been running.

Can anybody tell me why a 2000 Ford wind-star would be leaking coolant under the car?

Assuming you mean under the front of the car, the water pump, hoses or radiator could be at fault.

Gas whater heater is leaking water at the top?

This could be numerous factors, however, the most likely of factors would be either the TP valve leaking or the hot water heater irtself is leaking (burst).

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