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try replacing the thermostat.that should take care of the problem

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Q: Your 88 cavalier is not blowing hot air but coolant is ok both in and out hoses from heater core are hot any ideas?
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Coolant leak on 93 cavalier?

A coolant leak on a 93 cavalier could be anyplace where coolant flows. Check all hoses, connections, the radiator, and heater core for any possible leak spots.

Bypass heater core Chevy Cavalier?

To bypass the heater corer in a Chevy Cavalier, disconnect the heater core hoses at the firewall. using a hose splice available at an auto parts, slide the hoses on the ends of the splice. tighten the hose clamps down. Check the coolant level in case it is low due to losing any during the procedure. Wash the ground thoroughly because any coolant left is toxic to animals.

1999 Chevy Malibu your heater is blowing out cold air and the overheat light came on What could be wrong?

Low coolant, stuck thermostat, blocked hoses.

How do you figure out what hose is the heater hose or coolant hose on a 1996 Z24 cavalier?

There are 2 coolant hoses. They are fat. They are attached to the top of the radiator and to the bottom of the radiator. Then there are two heater hoses on this model you can barely see them. They are alot smaller and will be underneeth the exhaust manifold. They are connected to the heater core at the firewall and the water pump housing tube and the coolant outlet adapter. The one on the coolant outlet adapter is the only end you can see without any trouble.

Are there any other coolant hoses on a 3.1 v6 olds achieva which could leak significant amounts of coolant?

The heater hoses.

What would cause a 1991 Honda Accord LX to overheat while only blowing out cold air from the heater?

Hose going from engine to heater core may have burst. Check all your coolant hoses for leaks.

What are hoses for in a car?

Radiator hoses,Heater hoses,Power Steering hoses,Air Conditioning hoses,Vacuum hoses,

How can i unclog my reservoir on 1997 cavalier its not giving coolant flow?

Flush the coolant, change the coolant resevoir and add new coolant, it doesn't hurt to change the hoses either

In your truck when you switch from cold air to heat the air still blows cold?

Interior heat uses the engine heat. If the engine is still cold, the heater will blow cold. If the engine is warm and the heater is blowing cold, you have a problem with the heater. Check the water in the radiator and see if it is rusty. If it is rusty, change your coolant, thermostat, and hoses. Look at the heater hoses when someone steps down on the gas pedal. If a hose collapses, replace your heater hoses. Otherwise take it to a mechanic.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a 2002 Mazda miata?

At the back of the engine on the coolant outlet that goes to the heater hoses on the firewall.

Coolant fluid leak?

This fluid can leak from many places. Look in places where water hoses meet the engine, where the heater hoses go into the firewall, the radiator and your heater core.

Where does the carb coolant hose go on a 1987 Nissan Pathfinder?

You have to tap into the heater hoses.

How do you change a 1989 Chevrolet Cavalier heater core?

The water from your 1989 Chevrolet Cavalier cooling system. Remove the heater core water supply hoses. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

How do you change a heater core in a 94 cavalier?

Drain the water from your 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier cooling system. Remove the water supply hoses from the heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new heater core.

Where is the heater control valve in 2005 Chrysler Pacifica located?

If you are looking for a valve in the heater hoses that restricts coolant flow, it does not have one.

Your heater in your 1993 eldorado was blowing cold air and you changed the thermostat and it still is blowing cold air Any idea on what it may be wrong?

hi, could be many answers. Check the water contol valve operation ( under hood connected to heater hoses), do you have a full load of coolant?, also air mix door under dash, is the temp of the coolant hot?.Check them all out, you'll find it

How do you bypass the Heater Core on a 1996 Ford F150 and is it hard to do?

Simply disconnect the heater hoses going to and from the heater, (Inlet & Outlet) at the firewall. Purchase the proper size hose coupling that will allow you to connect the 2 hoses together. Do not plug these hoses, just connect them together. The coolant will now not flow through the heater core.

Where are the two coolant lines located in a 1999 villager van?

That depends which "coolant" hoses you are referring to. Besides the two main coolant hoses to the radiator, there is a crossover pipe under the radiator, a bypass hose at the thermostat housing, two heater hose assemblies, and two small hoses to the throttle body.

Your 1998 Jimmy heater is blowing cold air I have replaced the thermostat and that did not help.?

heater core plugged or air locked check to see if hoses going to heater core are hot

How do you flush heater core in 98 s10?

Drain off a few qts of coolant from the radiator, disconnect both heater hoses from the engine, fabricate a fitting to adapt a garden hose to either one of the heater hoses, direct the remaining hose into a container, gently turn on and slowly increase the water to the garden hose and flush out the crud from the heater core, reverse the hoses and flush again, disconnect the garden hose, reconnect the heater hoses to the engine, refill radiator and run engine until hot, top off coolant reservoir, done.

What could the coolant be leaking from the firewall where the heater hoses hook up at this by firewall in a 1993 BMW 324I?

Its more than likely your heater core.

How do you install a heater core on a 1967 Chevelle?

remove the four nuts in the engine bay on the heater box near where the heater core hoses enter. Drain coolant remove the hoses and pull the heater box out from the inside of the car. Remove clips holding heater core, than put your new one in.

How do you test a heater core in a 2002 Dodge Ram 4.7?

The easiest way to check is to feel the heater hoses going into the firewall. Check the hoses from a cold start and check that both hoses get uncomfortably hot at about the same rate. This is a good indication that coolant is flowing.

Why does 2000 expedition coolant system leak?

That's why is call a leak. Check all your coolant hoses, water pump, heater hoses, radiator, coolant reservoir, exec... Any freeze plugs exc. Could be your heater core is leaking. Let us know where you think the leak is coming from? Why do you think it is leaking. Do you smell antifreeze from the AC vents?

Why is there no heating in your Jeep Cherokee Sport?

1. Is coolant flowing through the heater hoses and heater core? Once the care is fully warmed up, running, and the heater on, the hoses going to and from the heater core should be hot to the touch. If not, coolant may not be flowing. 2. Is the heater door, under where people's feet are, broken? This URL may help explain Cherokee 97-04.html