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My beretta does the same thing only it is a 1994 and not running right now, I need to figure out how to bleed the clutch to get pressure. But when your brakes lock up on the back it is something to do with how much pressure the brakes are putting on they either are not putting enough pressure or too much, try new brake pads and adjusting them so that they are in new adjustment if that doesnt work I'm sorry but you should probably ask a professional's help because I do not know everything.

this is caused by warped drums, replace them or have them resurfaced also a good idea to replace the brake shoes while you are at it, as well as any worn or broken brake parts (springs, cable retainers and such that hold and actuate the shoes).

In my 94 beretta it was my passenger rear was always locking up, if i was driving slow or first time i drove in the morning a little wet it locked, found out the master cylinder was bad,That fixed the problem.

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Q: Your 94 v6 beretta locks up the the left rear brake when driving slowly sometimes feels like it sticks while you are driving and drags the car down?
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