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Replace Your Water Tempeture Sensor It runs your fuel mixture that should take care of it.


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City around 230 miles to a full tank and highway around 300 miles to a full tank.

Route 2 extends for 80 miles in Idaho, 667 miles in Montana and 354 miles in North Dakota.

in my 1991 dodge Dakota i am gettin 15 on highway and like 12 in city..

According to Google Maps, it is 1,021 miles from the middle of Michigan to the middle of South Dakota traveling on US Highway 131, Interstate 196, Interstate 94, and Interstate 90.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is found in the Black Hills of western South Dakota, near Keystone, South Dakota. It is 25 miles southwest of Rapid City, South Dakota, via US Highway 16.

53 miles taking this route:Take MN-30 WEST from Pipestone to South Dakota where MINNESOTA STATE HIGHWAY 30 becomes SOUTH DAKOTA HIGHWAY 34. Continue on SD-34 WEST to I-29. Follow signs to I-29 SOUTH.Take I-29 SOUTH to Sioux Falls.

I have walked 1600 highway miles to date in the US from Florida to Chicago Ill. Helen Krasner walked 5000 miles around the coast of Britian, I am wanting to set a record for the most Highway miles walked by a female in the USA. Can you tell me what the answer to this question is? Thanks

Around 26 highway but city is around 21.

Minnesota has 84,397 square miles. North Dakota has 70,704 square miles. South Dakota has 77,122 square miles. Total square miles for all three US states is: 232,223 square miles.

South Dakota has more square miles than North Dakota. South Dakota has an area of 77,116 square miles and is ranked as the 17th largest US State. North Dakota is the 19th largest US State at 70,700 square miles.

My 1990 dodge Dakota sport V6 gets around 450 miles on a tank of gas doing mostly hwy driving.

South Dakota at 77,116 miles is slightly larger then North Dakota at 70,700 square miles.

Highway miles - Canada Total road miles - US

The area of North Dakota is 70,704 sq. miles.North Dakota, USA - 70,704 square miles (20th largest of the 50 states).According to the US Census bureau, the land area of North Dakota is 68,975.93 square miles. North Dakota is 70,762 square miles.

Driving distance around Australia via Highway 1 is 9,010 miles. That is 14,500 kilometers. Highway 1 circumnavigates the Australian continent as a ring road.

The length of South Dakota is 380 miles long. The width of South Dakota is 210 miles wide.

Approximately it would about 130 miles between Faith South Dakota and Pierre South Dakota.

No. South Dakota is larger with a total of 77,116 square miles while North Dakota has a total of 70,698 square miles.

a 1997 Chevy Tahoe gets around 16 miles to the gallon highway and about 10 miles to the gallon around town that's about the best you get out of them.

The M33 highway in Michigan has been around since 1919 and is still in great function today. The highway stretches a total of 121.858 miles across the state.

South Dakota, USA covers 77,184 square miles.

North Dakota is about 340 miles long and 211 miles wide.

North Dakota is about 340 miles long (east to west).

Widest point North to South: 255 miles. Interstate 15 (the only North-South freeway running the entirety of Montana) runs for 416 miles in the state. East to West: About 630 miles. The shortest route following a highway (US Route 2, from the Idaho border west of Troy to the North Dakota border near Williston) is around 670 miles.

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