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Check all the fuses, check fusible links, exc.

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Q: Your 95 ford windstar has no power what so ever no lights nothing I have checked connections and charged the battery What is wrong?
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1996 Saturn SL2 starting problem checked battery cables connections all good just replaced the starter when i turn the key to start all i get is one click from the starter any ideas y it wont start?

is the battery fully charged?

Why does the Battery warning lights come on the dash?

Check your battery connections. Also take your car to an auto parts store and have your alternator checked.

What does it mean when the battery light comes on in a Ford explorer sport?

It indicates that your battery is not being charged and that you need to have the electrical system checked.

What to do if my car battery not getting completely charged?

you should go to a car shop and get your battery checked and ask how long should u charge your battery.. or if you should get a new battery

How do you reset the battery warning light on a 1999 Ranger?

The battery warning light illuminates when the battery isn't being charged , get it checked out to find the problem and then repair.

Why wont your suzuki vitara start i have charged the battery any other reasons?

Have the alternator checked.

99 astro van and it not charging?

If you have already checked the connections on the battery I would suggest testing the alternator and the battery. If the battery will not take a charge or the alternator will not give a charge you could have similar problems.

Had truck checked alternator and battery are good but battery wont stay charged?

Then something is on pulling power from the battery. Any light on the vehicle or any relay that is stuck closed.

Can a car battery need a boost due to cold weather?

Yes. How old is the battery ? . Is it the correct battery for your car/truck Are the battery terminal connections loose or corroded ? Clean ,tighten Get the battery checked at a local garage ( load test )

Car goes click click when you try to start but turns over with a boost?

The battery does not have sufficient voltage to start the car when it's cold. Have the battery checked out. If it still goes click click after running the car for a while, have the alternator checked also. A bad battery will not hold a charge and a bad alternator will not recharge the battery, (That is the reason to have the battery checked first). Make sure the connections at the battery are clean and tight.

Your 2001 for windstar will not start turns over but does not ingage?

my 2001 ford windstar will turn over and make a clanking noise like metal to metal is hitting? Just replaced the starter and had the battery checked what would be the problem?

Why would the battery light of a 1998 Ford Escort still flicker on and off after replacing the battery?

Clean both battery cables and check the connections on the alternator. If it continues, go to auto zone and have the alternator checked.

Is there a reset for the battery light on a 2000 Ford Windstar battery and charging system check ok?

There is no reset for the charging light. If it is on, then something is wrong. Drive the car to your local auto parts store and have the system checked.

What could be the cause of the heat and radio not working in a '99 Mercury Tracer?

You could try recharging the battery, or having the connections checked by a mechanic.

If the alternator and the battery are both new why isn't the alternator charging the battery. The fuses were checked and the connections to the battery are good. What is the problem?

just bcuz you brought it new doesn't mean it can not be defective take it back to the seller and have it checked this problem happens very often because alternators are not new anymore they are remain parts

Headlights flash in and out when you push on the gas of my 1996 ford windstar?

Do you mean they dim when you push on the gas? If yes then try having the alternator and/or battery checked. Normally the battery should be between 13 and 14.5 volts when running.

97 Saturn SC2 Car will not start no noise nothing comes on?

have u checked ur battery battery, either its dead, connections are corroded or mice ate their way through

What would cause battery light to stay on in a 1998 ford taurus. I have had the alternator checked and was told it was good.I have replaced the battery and still battery light stays on?

Battery light usually means alternator not charging. Most common solutions would be be a bad alternator, bad connection, or loose alternator belt. If the battery and alt test ok than check the connections to the alternator and battery. The alternator should have 2 connections.

1999oldsmobile intrigue 38 lit Brand new starter installed had it checked gears line up with flywheel engine turns over manually checked all connections checked battery starter clicks once and nothing?

Bad starter solenoid? Loose or corroded battery terminals? Weak battery? Bad neutral switch?

Why doesn't 2001 kia sportage keep battery charged?

I would start by checking the alternator yourself or take it and have it checked. If you had'nt had any battery issuses like hooking battery up wrong It is prob. your alternator.

Your ford 500 will stop turning over eventhough the battery is fully charged?

Our original battery had to be replaced about 4 months ago (we have a 2005 500). The battery showed it was fully charged --- but it wasn't. This was the original battery that came in the car. You might take the battery out and take it and have it professionally checked at a parts store. We thought something else was wrong with the car since it wouldn't turn over, but it turned out to just be the battery.

After not starting your car for 3 days the battery is being drained If you unhook your battery for those 3 days will it save the battery?

If your battery is good and you know your car is draining it then yes, disconnecting your battery from your car will keep your battery charged for much longer than 3 days. Your battery should stay charged way longer than 3 days in normal conditions being hooked up to your car. You should get it checked out and figure out what is draining your battery so fast.

What would cause a 2001 Saturn SC2 to not crank battery works and when the key is turned there is no sound and the car will not crank?

Bad starter or fualty battery connections. Check all grounds and/or bring the starter to autozone to have it checked

What needs to be checked when 1998 ford Windstar will not start?

A Chevrolet Dealership

Why won't Toyota 4Runner start Checked battery connections. Lost turn signals and gauges. Fuses starter and relay seem to be okay.?

Is this an automatic or manual transmission?