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Assuming all the normal tune-up parts and the engine it self are OK, the most likely cause is the distributor. These cars are famous for the distributors developing excessive play causing the electronic ignition to fault out. This shows after about 90,000 miles or so. Sooner if oil changes are not done. To check for this, remove the cap and check the rotor shaft for side to side play. Next most likely is the throttle body getting very dirty. This causes a bad hesitation off idle, then as it gets worse (more dirty), stalling at idle.

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โˆ™ 2006-12-28 17:15:14
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Q: Your Eagle Summit starts but wont idle then when you shift from park to drive it stalls out then dies?
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Why would a 95' eagle summit drive fine in forward gears but not go in reverse?

Tranny is going out

Where is the transmission checkfiller on a 1995 Eagle Summit Wagon front wheel drive?

Answer standard or auto?standard or auto? auto

Why does your car drive for 10-15 mins then it stalls starts up and makes a bubbling sound and when i put it in 1st it stalls what might be the problem 95 Eagle Talon esi 5-speed?

Full pump is going out, or you have water in your tank. Or you need to replace the full filer(which you can find under the back seat).

What transmission fluid goes in a 1995 eagle summit wagon all wheel drive?

use only type 4 crysler trans fluid!!

Whats the problem of my car starts and idles but stalls when you put it in drive or reverse yes its an automatic the car is a 87 Nissan sentra?

Probably an alternator.

Why would a 1991 Honda Accord ex engine light come on car stalls pull over put in park car starts right back up drive a little more stalls again could my injectors need cleaned?

you need a new cam positioning sensor installed

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Your 84 fiero with auto transmission stalls when stopping it starts in park but stalls again with a jerk when you put it in drive like a stick shift with the clutch engauged?

some of these model cars(G M) had a switch that locks up the torque converter. When it goes bad it feels as though you are stopping a straight shift without pushing the clutch down.

1992 ford e250 stalls when you put it in drive?

check odb codes and check o2 sen.

Your battery light comes on and your car stalls out when it idles you drive a 2003 caviler why does this happen?

replace the alternator

1994 eagle talon stalls when trying to accelerate in drive but dont when in reverse?

You've probably got a bad motor mount. In drive the engine and trans twist in an opposite direction from when in reverse. In drive, you get an unwanted electrical connection (like Battery+ to Battery-) somewhere near the starter or the alternator or a sensor or ignition coil causing the stall. Replace any bad motor mounts and you should be OK.

1989 GMC Vandura stalls when put in drive and then floods Any help?

check coolant temp sensor

When your 1995 Chevy cavalier is shifted from park to reverse kinda fast it stalls out even if you shift it slow it stalls also when you shift from reverse to drive?

Sounds like a torque converter lock up solenoid.

250 straight 6 with a single barrel carb it starts and runs great and will push snow all day but when you pull out on the highway to drive home it stalls and dies at 25 mph?

Change the fuel filter located inside the inlet fitting at the carburator.

My 2000 Ford Festiva stalls when its come to a stop in drive the rev's fall low and the car shudders before the engine completely stalls transmissions just been replaced what might be causing it?

Mine did that, it was the fuel pump!

Have a 2001 tracker drive it about 50 miles park it and let it idle for 5 min it stalls from not getting gas keep it off for 5 min it starts up?

Same prob with 2000 Chevy garage says its the camshaft positioning sensor and no there are no codes when it does it they were suprized

02 Pontiac Montana stalls when put in drive Also in 2ND Runs fine in reverse and low?

I have same problem.

Why does my car run in reverse and stalls in drive?

because your car has some problems i think you should buy another one :)

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Where is the alternator located in a 1993 Eagle Talon?

Raise the hood and look for the drive belt. The drive belt powers the alternator.

Why would a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora V6 3.5 L not go into drive and 3rd gear but does go into reverse and 1st and 2nd gear?

specify "not go into drive" does that mean it stalls or?

Why does your 2005 lancer OZ rally stall?

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