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Q: Your SAT score is 1770 Where should you apply?
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Does the SAT score apply to Swedish Universities?


Sat required to get into upenn?

There is no minimum score required to apply, however any applicant hoping to be competitive should look to score higher than 2000.

Does the SAT test help ypou get into a good college?

It really depends on what score you got on the Sat test. Any score that the college think is good will apply you.

Is 950 a good SAT score?

No 950 is not a very good SAT score. The average combined score on the SAT score is 1500.

What should your sat score be to get into university of North Carolina?

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What is the average SAT score at Spelman College?

What is the SAT score to get in?

Is a score of 1550 on the new SAT's a good score?

well, its average, atleast. But the highest you can get on a SAT is 2,400 You should aim for like 1800 on the SAT to be a good score... i would retake it if i was you..if u want to get in a good college.

What SAT score is needed to be a pediatrician?

sat score required for a pediatrician

What SAT score should you have to go to the university California?

ask charlie...

What SAT score a student should get to get into university of south Florida?

A or b

Is 2700 a good score for the SAT?

A score of 2700 is not possible on the SAT. The highest score you can get is a 2400.

What colleges accept a 1450 sat score?

1450 SAT score which college accepts this score

Which colleges accept SAT scores of 2030 in UK US or Canada?

There are many colleges and universities who will accept students with a combined SAT score of 2030. You should check with the colleges to which you wish to apply to find out their specific requirements.

Is 1270 a good SAT score?

For the old SAT, a 1270 SAT score is on the low end of the spectrum. The average SAT score is around 1500. For the New SAT, out of 1600 the score would be significantly better. This score using the new test corresponds to a 1780 in the old SAT out of 2400.

What is a minimum SAT score?

The minimum SAT score on the New SAT is 600 (200 in each section).

What SAT scores are required for U of Toronto?

The minimum SAT score to gain acceptance into University of Toronto is 600 and above. ACT score should be 26 and above.

What is min Sat score for UT-Tyler?

There is no required SAT score for entrance to UT Tyler. A minimum score on the SAT is considered to be 1420-1750.

Is 1500 good on an SAT score?

There are many different SAT scoring rubrics. Some add up to 2400. If this is the case, then 1500 on a 2400 point test is not very good. (I got a 1770 when I took it in 8th grade.)

What is the score you need to get into University of Georgia?

3.0 at least and 1260 on your sat should do it.

Is a 1630 a good SAT score?

its not a bad score, its above average though you should practice a little more to increase ur score. >_<

What is the SAT score required to get into U Of H?

WHAT IS THE REQUIRED SAT score to get into U of H

Is a 1368 a bad sat score?

That depends. If this score is out of 1600 (old SAT) then this is an excellent score to have. However, if this score is out of a 2400 (new SAT), then you need to try again, you won't really be very competitive with this score.

What sat score do you need for Cornell?

Cornell, although not as selective as other colleges, still requires SAT scores over 2000. An applicant's GPA should be in the "A" range and the ACT score should be above a 29.

What universities would you apply to with a 1600 sat score and 4.0 GPA?

i really dont know. chinga tu madre

What is the required sat score to get into the University of Massachusetts Amherst?

The average sat score to get into umass amherst is about an 1100 last year the average sat score of applicants was an 1142