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Your serpentine belt is broke

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Q: Your battery light came on in a 99 ford escort zx2 and your power steering is gone what's wrong with your car?
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Ford Escort why is it light on the power steering?

why is my escort so light on the power steering

Where is the power steering pump reservoir on a 1995 Ford Escort?

The 1995 Escort did not have power steering.

Why would the power steering get stiff on a ford escort?

Bad power steering pump

Where do you put power steering fluid in a ford escort?

Power Steering Pump Reservoir.

What is wrong with a 1999 ford escort when its power steering goes out and the battery light comes onand you just replaced the coolant today?

Belt slipping Did coolant get on belt during replacement?

What is the power steering fluid capacity for a 1994 ford escort?

Ford escort has a power steering fluid capacity of one point. The manufacturer recommends that you never overfill the power steering fluid.

Why is my Power steering whining on escort van?

It probably needs power steering fluid added.

Why did my power steering stop working and my battery light come on?

You are having fan belt problems.

Why did your power steering stop working and my battery light come on?

Check your fan/accessory/serpentine belt.

What does it mean when your steering becomes heavy and your battery light comes on in a ford fiesta?

Alternator Belt has snapped, causing you alternator to stop charging causing you battery light to come on, but this belt also runs your power steering pump which if that's not working your steering will become heavy

What kind of power steering fluid do you use in a 1998 Ford Escort?

According to the 1998 Ford Escort Owner Guide : ( Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid is used as the power steering fluid )

Why would the battery light come on and the power steering lost but the vehicle never died?

Could be a slipping or broken belt.

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