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Your boyfriend is here illegeally how can he become legal?

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Do I hear wedding bells? The only way to keep him here in the country legally would be to tie the knot. If you have time, he could follow the proper protocol by applying for a "Green Card" or "Visa" and go through the process to become a citizen.

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Your husband is an illegal immirgrant can and how do you get him to become legal?

my boyfriend an i is plannind to b married we have to a child together i am a barbadian an he is a guyanese but he is illegal here first question can we get married an here an how can i go bout getting him papers sort out

If your boyfriend was deported and has since returned to the US can you marry here and if so will that make him legal?

if your boyfriend was deported he can not enter the us for ten years and if he is lucky to get a visa to come here he will have a very hard time adjusting his status

How do you become legal residence if your here illegally after 10 years?

You can marry someone of that nationality.

How does an illegal alien become legal even if they lived here for 17 years?

An illegal alien can become legal by filing documents with the INS. If the person can prove they have been here 17 years and never been in trouble, it could help them receive papers faster.

How long do you have to live in America to be resident?

If you were born here, you're automatically a resident. If you immigrated here, then you're a resident as soon as you become a legal citizen

If a 24 year old child is here illegally and the parents are legal is it possible for the child to become legal?

It depends. But it is likely - if the parents petition on behalf of the adult-child.

How can I help my boyfriend who is a illegal alien become a citizen?

Have him return to his country and apply for a visa. There is nothing you can do while he is here illegally that will help him.

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How can an illegal citizen who has been here in the US for over 5 years become a legal citizen of the US?

All they have to do is marry a US citizen.

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How can you become a legal guardian for a child who is a relative that was born and living in Africa while he is visiting here in America for 6 months?

you could get his legal gaurdian[s] to sign a legal contract stating that the child is yours by law for only the six months that he is staying here in america A Differing View: I read into your question the meaning that you wish to keep him here in the U.S. and become the child's legal guardian. If THAT is the case, I seriously doubt that scenario will come to pass. The child is a citrizen of a foreign country and cannot legally enter the US under the sham of a 'guardianship' without going through the immigration process.

How long does it take for an illegal immigrant living in Mexico to become legal in the United States after married to a U S citizen?

Type your answer here... never

You are 16 and your boyfriend is 22 if you fall pregnant can he get into trouble the legal age here is 16 but because hes over 18 you thought he might still be able to get into trouble can he nsw aust?


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Can illegal immigrants become legal if they stay here for 5 years in have a new bron baby never get in no problems goto school?

Can illegal immigrants become legal if they stay here for 5 years in have a new bron baby never get in no problems go to school doin nothin bad wat can thay do thay gotta anew bron baby in everykid needs thay mommy in daddy together

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You and your boyfriend wants to get married soon but he is here illegal from Mexico Can you get married here in the us or do you need to go to Mexico?

your boyfriend can get an s.s. card from the state where he lives on employementand have an birth certificate in English

What is the difference between a legal alien and a permanent resident?

A permanant resident I believe is somebody here with a green card a legal alien is somebody here on a visa!

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