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anty lock breaks are dificult thing for unexpiriance shure first they dont work.If you judge only by abs light on,most likely you are wrong. The ABS light comes on most likely becose a litlle things on the rottors of the car.Is hard to explain.Have them check out in a shop is best option. Have your local shop scan the cars computer. It could be the ABS sensor/wheel bearing.

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Q: Your car has anti - lock brakes but they do NOT work what is the problem and how do you fix it?
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Why would the brakes lockup on a 2001 ford expedition XL?

Check your ABS system... How Anti-Lock Brakes Work Copy & Paste link

What is abs light mean?

The vehicles anti-lock brake system (abs) has a problem and is not functioning. You still have basic brakes but the abs feature will not work.

What would cause the anti-lock brake light to come on and stay on when the brakes work fine?

A problem with your anti-lock braking system. Your brakes and your ABS are two different issues. Your ABS system keeps your brakes from locking when coming to a hard stop. If it is not working correctly your light will come on. Best to have a shop look at it.

Why does 2003 Ford Explorer abs light comes on?

A problem has been detected with the Anti-lock Brake System It could be a fuse , a sensor , or some other problem As long as the red " BRAKE " light in your dash is not on , you still have " normal " brakes ( it's just that the anti-lock feature does not work )

Where is the fuse for the abs on a 1998 cirrus and if you pull it will you still have brakes?

Daughters' 97 acted like it was on glare ice..she was on summer time pavement. Making the clicking noise with no brakes. Fuse was under hood on drivers side by front of car. Pulled it and brakes are fine. Anti lock doesn't work...ABS light is on...but brakes work fine and she can lock 'em up if she needs to. Told her how to "pump" brakes in icy conditions. Insurance companies HATE anti lock brakes.

What does the anti-lock light on a 1999 Chevy lumina mean?


Why does your ABS light come on in your Chevy Colorado?

Because there is a problem with the Anti-Lock Brake system, (ABS). Seek professional help. Your normal brakes will still work but your ABS may not.

Why would front anti lock disc brakes not work after the pads are replaced?

you may have forgotten to plug in the connectors

How do you disable the anti-lock brakes on a 1999 Chevrolet Malibu LS?

Your cars handling and response is built to work with your anti -lock brake system. Not a good idea to disconnect them. Dave

What is the proper way to use anti - lock brakes in an emergency situation?

anti lock brakes ( ABS) will automatically work when ether the brake is applied heavily or the wheel looses traction on the road surfaces when braking you will feel the brake peddle "bounce" rapidly this dose not work on most cars doing under 30mph as the vehicle is not doing a sufficent speed for it to be affected Stomp the brake and steer around the obstruction. Do not release the brake pedal and do not pump the brakes. The Anti-Lock brake system will do this for you.

What do abs light mean on a1992 Honda accord?

The ABS light is the light for the Anti-Lock Brake system. If the light stays on then there is a problem with the system. Your normal brakes will still work, but your ABS may not. Have it looked at by a professional.

Why does your abs light stay on a 1999 ford explorer xlt?

There is a problem with the Anit-Lock Brake System. There is a sensor in your back left and right tires that most likely went bad. When this happens, it won't let your ABS system work. It is a common in 97-00 ford explorers.Your brakes will still funcion properly just no anti-lock brakes.

What does the ABS light mean on a Ford Explorer?

The ABS light refers to a malfunction of the Anti-lock Brake System. When the light is on, it means there is a problem somewhere in the ABS that is not allowing it to function. Your hydrolic brakes will work. or your cencer is old or broke

What is the difference between 2 and 4 wheel anti-lock brakes on a 1996 6cyl 2wd dodge Dakota?

2 wheel antilock brakes only work on the rear wheels, while 4 wheel antilock brakes work on all 4 wheels.

Why does the Abs light on s10 pickup come on?

Usually this indicates a problem with the anti-lock brake system. The brake system should still work (as long as the BRAKE light doesn't illuminate), however the brakes may lock up, since the ABS system may not be functioning correctly.

What does the Anti-lock light mean on 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor dashboard?

In my case the ABS Control Module is out. Its over $1000 to replace this module at the dealer so I just left it. Brakes work fine, you just don't have anti-lock braking.

Why is the anti lock dashlight on in my Chevy Monte Carlo?

I have owned 2 Generation 5 Monte Carlo's, an 95 and a 96. On my First one, when it was at about 25,000 miles, the anti lock light stayed on steady. I had it worked on several times under warranty and they were servicing the Anti lock system, which was obviously not fixing it. then they Discovered a short in the tail lights, fixed that, and it never happened again. on my Second Monte, the anti lock light does the same thing. I have had the anti lock system checked, and it IS infact working (plus I have used it a couple times, being from Utah and having lots of snow, and needed to stop fast, I assure you my anti lock brakes work). anyway, I have never had this car looked at for a short, but I assume that it is probably the Culprit. in any event, the light on is not affecting the system in my car anyway.AnswerIt is on because there is a problem with the Anti-Lock brake system. Your normal brake system will still work. Have this looked at by a professional, as it is not a DIY repair, unless your are knowledgeable. Answeras it happened to me, the anti lock light would come on then go off, then back on and volts light came on to. installed new battery and anti lock and volts light are off. then anti lock came back on a day later. then volts light came back on. then the car went totally dead as i was driving. this whole time the anti lock lights were not flashing on and off but were on solid, which means you still have brakes. i replaced the alternator and all is good. so there may be not enough electrical power to keep the anti lock system active.

Should you pump the brakes if they give out?

Pumping brakes can help restore pressure to the brake calipers temporarily. But this method wont work if the vehicle is equipped with ABS, or anti-lock brakes. Usually, down shifting will help slow the vehicle down, but not stop completely.

What is vsa on a 2013 Honda pilot do?

VSA is the Vehicle Stability Assist. If you car starts to slip the power will be decreased and the anti-lock brakes will work together to stop the slide.

Why would the anti-lock brake lights be on?

I had this problem with my Chevy Venture van after I did work on the gas tank. I thought I might have damaged a wire. I did some research and found out more on how it worked. Anti-lock brakes work by using sensors on each wheel to measure the speed of the wheels. for a detailed explanation, check a site like What i learned said the anti-lock brake light comes on if there is a problem in the system. Mine turned out to be a disconnected plug to on of the sensors. Hope that helps. When the comes on and stays on, it is telling you that it is not operational. While you mechanical brakes and parking brake will still work, the ABS will not. There can be a multitude of possible problems. There may be a bad sensor, a bad connection as listed above, a bad harness, or worse of all a bad ABS module. Lack of brake fluid flushes seem to play a factor in the fialure of these expensive little animals. It is not uncommon to see the units costing $1500.00. I am a firm believer in Anti-lock Brakes. If I didn't have them one particular evening, I wouldn't be here typing this out today.

What to do when you Anti-Lock ABS Light comes on in your Chevy Blazer and your breaks work?

Take it to a professional for repair. Your anti-lock brake system has a problem. This has nothing to do with your normal braking system which will still function. If you do not care that the ABS is not working, ignore it.

Im thinking of buying a 1995 buick park avenue the abs light stays on what causes this?

It can be many things. Can be the ABS wheel sensors or something more serious. Your normal brakes will still work but your Anti-Lock brakes may not function.

94 camaro Z28 5.7L I have abs inop light on constantly and absolutely no abs to speak of other then that brakes work fine What could cause the light to come on?

abs = Anti Lock Brakes,,,,,,,,,,,,,, This is not the stopping brakes, its the NOT stopping brakes. Your anti lock brakes are not working. Its A computer and A pump with sensors, You need to take it to A GOOD shop to get it fixed. Not A cheap shop A GOOD one. This guy is a fool, you need to look in your service manual and look up your anti-lock brake system, then turn your car on and count how many times it flashes before it finally stays on. My camaro does the same thing but i dont have a service manual but it flashes once the stays on, then look that up in the service manual and that will tell you whats wrong and what you need to do from there.

If the pressure pump on a teves II anti-lock system in a 1990 Buick Lesabre is bad will you still have brakes?

You will have no brake assist, so the pedal will be very hard. You will also have no pressure at the rear brakes. Only the fronts will work without the pressure pump.

The antilock brake light is on could this mean the anti lock breaks are stuck but the regular breaks work fine?

it means that one of the abs sensors is not responding. all regular brakes work fine, you may or may not still have abs.